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  1. Anybody hear this song featuring Kelly Rowland? Sounds eerily like CLOCKS to me! What do you think?
  2. I got section 6, but I never manage to get good tickets this way. Think ill just look on ebay later, you tend to pay more but you also can find good seats.
  3. if I had to choose another nation to migrate to it would probably be France, nice place. As far as the climate in Canada goes, I think people overstate how cold it is here. Its only really cold in the winter 3-4 months out of the year, and where I live it can get really hot the summer.
  4. coldplay the killers the bravery red hot chilli peppers muse
  5. The Village- 5/10- an average film, not much substance to the plot or its characters. As with all of M. Nights films theres a twist at the end but thats about it. Stay- 6.5/10- an interesting film that can be quite confusing at times. Yet the premise is quite original and the characters are somewhat engaging. Not bad, but not great. High Fidelity 8.5/10- my all time favorite romantic comedy, imo just a fun movie to watch. Cusack and Black are great.
  6. In post modern F1, car engineering (i.e overall performance) is far more important than driver skill or luck.
  7. Haha alot of outrage across the various F1 boards because of Schumi's tactics today. Many of the top drivers and team representives believe it was deliberate; if so Schumi deserves for once a harsh penalty. This is not the first time Schumi has done something stupid and potentially dangerous. Theres no room in f1 for this type of driving.
  8. Hey Glos, good article. However I dont think we'll see it happen anytime soon. Canadians are meek, mild and quiet, but were not stupid. Economically Canada has gained alot of momentum lately with the CDN dollar catching the US dollar, and the fact that the US is growing more and more dependant upon us for oil. I think we are doing fine with the relationship we now have with the United States, and I for one am not willing to give up my sovernty for US economic benefit; which is what a greater alliance would most certainly be all about.
  9. Yeah Bill Murray's great for sure, love Rushmore. totally forgot that Vanilla Sky was a rehashing of the original non american film. But can we let that small detail go considering its a remake of a film not originating from the same country? haha. I also remembered another film that i enjoy thats imo underrated in GREAT EXPECTATIONS.
  10. so ive been a huge movie buff since about the age 4, subsequently seeing probably thousands of movies over the last twenty years. Anyways, today I was just thinking to myself some of probably many films that I personally believe to be unjustly underrated. Here are three that come to mind: 1) The Count of Monte Cristo- Never had any expectations about the film and never really heard anything about it before I had seen it at the video store. Turns out that while it may be yet another remake of the famous story, the movie itself while maybe not being overly deep, is in the end a highly engagin
  11. good to see a canadian team still in it, but my habs were gone long ago.
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