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  1. Fellow Coldplayers, may I please express how cross I am? I eagerly awaited the email with my ticket access code to arrive. Come 7 October 9.30 - no email! So I emailed Live Nation and received a code at 10.12. Naturally all the tickets had been sold by then. 🤬 The Support desk further directed me to check my junk box. Do they really think I am that stupid - please don't answer that - I am not! So I feel that it would be extremely helpful in future if a caveat was added to state if you have not received a code by a specific date to get in touch. Or is that too easy? And why me? Did anyo
  2. So is anyone else thinking going to the studio where the Graham Norton show is recorded in the hope of seeing the band???
  3. Has anyone else used the 'contact button on the Coldplay.com website? For some reason it is not working for me! :( When I hit 'send' on my message I get a response saying my message has not been sent. Has anyone else experienced this? Or as I have sent a message in the past have I used my one message. There does not seem to be an option to query this anywhere.
  4. I just love Mince Spies. Shame it only comes on at this time of the year. But being able to play this makes it special.
  5. Good suggestions. Visiting the Bakery was on my list if I did go to London on the 25th, but I didn't (heart and all that!) so I will save that for another time. I do have 2 things signed by the band - well one all the band and one by Chris alone and I have been at the front of the C stage at Cardiff so I suppose I am not doing too badly. 100K posts?? That will take some years! :) And as for meeting and chatting with them? Well see above - I would be truly happy then!
  6. What other milestones should I aim for fellow Coldplayers?
  7. Sooo this is my 100th comment - drum roll................I wanted to say something profound but am still devastated at not getting a ticket for the Natural History Musuem and following my head and not my heart to come down regardless (too painful to see without a ticket my heart said) Anyhow this is the best I could come up with - a little random thought. Do we know if the band or anyone in their orbit read or see the comments on this website? If so, Chris will you and the rest of the band please sign my copy of 'Safety'? I would be blown away to get it signed. :) And I already do but I wi
  8. They obviously had quite a session then - I wonder what else they recorded :)
  9. Totally agree that Church should be a single, love this track (and all the others) :)
  10. It seems that Jo Whiley is repeating the Maida Vale session on radio 2 this evening for those that perhaps missed it. Radio 2 for those of you who are the more mature Coldplayer! :joy:
  11. I loved Gypsy Woman I thought Chris's rendition was sublime
  12. Or the other invitees were not fans and declined and who knows maybe Al Murray is a Coldplay fan - well okay maybe not! :)
  13. Not forgetting of course the countries that continue to build coal fired power stations etc for which pollution belches into the air. No one seems to be taking them to task. It seems it is always the easy targets that suffer. Don't get me wrong, I don't disagree with Chris but we are the ones suffering with no tour for the foreseeable future.
  14. I just LOVE the album, it is the merchandise provider that has got me wound up
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