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  1. What the fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. That is ridiculous. Wow. I'd say that that'd have to be the most Coldplay collcetion in existence. Also like an hour and a 15 minutes?
  2. You don't happen to have a link to the source for that do you?
  3. Fuckkk I got got. I was so fucking hyped for like a minute there.
  4. The fan-site has posted again: [MEDIA=twitter]961004807086596096[/MEDIA] Are these new photos of the band, I've never seen them before? Either way, they look sick. I wonder how these guys got them? Someone should try contacting them to see if they can spill some information.
  5. Wait wasn't that Phil? I can't find the tweet or whatever it was which originally said that. No, he began collabing with them after the struggles of X&Y for work on VLVODAAHF and continued to work on MX with them. Aren't there rumours that apparently there was some sort of falling out or difference in direction between the band and Eno? Or is that just some made up crap?
  6. Hmmm... have you listened to/watched it? It's probably just a random recording that someone's found and posted as if it were officially released, there's a few like that on YouTube. But like not as if they're tryna do anything illegal or anything, it's just that there's good filmed copies of it and they're putting them out there for fans mainly. Kinda like this one.
  7. Hehe this is a cool collection! I would've loved to have seen everything else you have! That framed artwork you have, who made that? I also love all of the little things like that, it would be awesome to see what you've got.
  8. That would be awesome! But it would probably never happen unfortunately. :( But city meet ups which would be more one-off things are totally possible.
  9. No, pretty sure the first time that they soundchecked this way a few days ago in... I wanna say... Seoul?
  10. Yes but I think we can safely assume that they'll definitely release do a film as well, but we just don't know the full details yet.
  11. Hmmm... honestly I think I'm still gonna need a proper studio version to make a verdict. Idk, I don't necessarily think it's bad at all, but I kind of find that, like Hypnotised, there's something that's causing it to be a little lacking, leaving me wanting a bit more than I was given. Idk what it is, but like I said, I'll need a studio version to accurately decide.
  12. Is it actually called "Live in Tokyo", like is it gonna be a live film with stuff filmed only at Tokyo? Or did he just say that they're filming stuff there for an upcoming Live album?
  13. Hey dude, I remember quite a few months back mid last year when I was... relatively new to Coldplaying and I was checking out a collectors thread, I can't remember if it was this one or another one, and I was reading pages and pages back to like, 2013-2014 or something. And you and all of these other dudes were on it talking about all this collectors stuff, and I remember there was this one dude who was talking about opening an online Coldplay store dedicated to selling all of the releases he had collected, but then he and you and the others, like most of the people on the Coldplaying forums around that time, sort of dropped off. I remember I tried post a comment in that thread, I'll see if I can find it soon, where I asked if you knew if that dude had created the store or not. Do you recall, or know if anything happened? Also cool to see people who were once active here on the Coldpaying forums coming back after long periods of time! We all know about how the forums kinda infamously waned in popularity and active members after MX, how VLVODAAHF - MX was like the golden years. And I love it when we see those people kind of come back, for whatever reason, and revisit and remember this awesome stuff and the awesome times here. Just a curious question, what brought you back here in the past week/couple of days? Edit: Here it is.
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