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  1. Anyone else really annoyed by the over-autotuning of Selena Gomez's voice on LSG? It ruins the song for me, way too distracting
  2. Well, having not heard the live leaks, it felt almost surreal hearing "The Man Who Swears" lyrics out of nowhere. It was just about the most unexpected thing about the entire album (aside from Coloratura of course). Even just hearing the "heaven is a fire escape" lyric in a finished song brought a massive smile to my face. However on the whole I don't feel the song is that great, the heavy guitar "chorus" section sounds like its out of a truck commercial or something, it's dreadful. The best part is the horn section in the last third of the song. "The Man Who Swears" deserved better.
  3. Wow, so that's why I can't find a proper version! Unbelievable that they'd screw something like that up. Maybe once someone shares a CD rip I can download that instead.
  4. Hmm, that's strange. I downloaded a Dolby Atmos version of the album with the proper transitions but I couldn't find a correct stereo version. I wonder if it's correct on the CD?
  5. Just so you know, a lot of the leaks floating around are using the single versions of HP, MU and Coloratura, which don't have the proper transitions between tracks (which is why some people are saying the transition between MOTS2 and MU is so abrupt). The proper album versions flow more smoothly. Edit: A way to tell whether you have the right versions: the album version of HP should start with some sound from MOTS before the "3 2 1" (the single version is just silent before the "3 2 1") and the album version of MU should have crowd noise during the intro.
  6. I'm also a bit disappointed by the song..... When Arabesque was released back in 2019, it was so exciting, like they were finally doing something NEW and interesting, and when Everyday Life came out it was reassurance that they hadn't lost the desire to experiment like back in the VLV days.... meanwhile this feels like a regression back to the dark days of AHFOD
  7. remember that anyone can enter lyrics on genius, it is pretty likely that someone just made up these lyrics and posted them without ever hearing the song
  8. Chris on the live stream just now - "we have a new song.... which I'm not supposed to talk about yet, so I won't" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRCo6RHNGr8:293
  9. Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super grateful that you got a full recording!!! If you had the spare time would you mind uploading the original audio from the video? Even if it's not the best it'll be better than a Youtube-to-mp3 conversion :D
  10. Posted my recording here: Hopefully someone can edit the best version from mine and JC90's captures. As for me, I have homework to do o_O
  11. I'm currently going through the recording I made so I can upload it, I think mine was mostly clean. Should I bother indexing When I Need a Friend as a separate track? Yes, yes I should.
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