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  1. Well, thanks for sharing it anyway!
  2. Chris on the live stream just now - "we have a new song.... which I'm not supposed to talk about yet, so I won't" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRCo6RHNGr8:293
  3. Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super grateful that you got a full recording!!! If you had the spare time would you mind uploading the original audio from the video? Even if it's not the best it'll be better than a Youtube-to-mp3 conversion :D
  4. Posted my recording here: Hopefully someone can edit the best version from mine and JC90's captures. As for me, I have homework to do o_O
  5. I'm currently going through the recording I made so I can upload it, I think mine was mostly clean. Should I bother indexing When I Need a Friend as a separate track? Yes, yes I should.
  6. Over already and no Lovers in Japan :( Still glad to hear a few songs from Jordon though!
  7. I had a slight stutter in Eko or Trouble in Town I think but other than that I'm fine. Should be noted though that all I'm doing is listening to the internet stream in Firefox with Audacity recording my computer's audio. I'm unfamiliar with IHeartRadio so I don't know if this is the best source quality-wise. It sounds really compressed.
  8. I'm recording the show too, and I think someone is as well, maybe we could splice together the best version.
  9. I wonder if they'll end up playing the whole show, but just in a shuffled order. Not sure why they feel the need to play around with it, but I'm grateful that they're broadcasting anything at all!
  10. Acoustic SJLT sounds much better than the Chainsmokers version so far! Well, not strictly Torontonian, but pretty close :)
  11. Starting with Arabesque! Edit: WOW, they censored "same f*cking blood" by doing some weird skipping/reversing thing that totally messes up the flow of the song. Very disappointing.
  12. Really sad to hear about how the concert turned out. 500 guest tickets and 300 fan tickets? What a farce.
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