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  1. GUYS GUYS GUYS. Has any oldplayer heard the new songs already? I'm interested to know what you guys think about it. Orphans is newplay for sure, but Arabesque is a whole new thing.
  2. Well, just heard the stuff. GODDAMN ARABESQUE. Id does bebop indeed. Joony's got the other guys jazz. Strong "I am the walrus" vibes from lyrics. "I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together" lol. Wouldn't mind a beatles cover during the shows. "Orphans" is AHFOD done right. I've been waiting for it for 4 years now. hahahaha
  3. Ok, (1) this is better than the actual album cover (2) where did you get that?! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Oh, man, (sorry about the flood! this is my last answer in a row), look at the poem. It's so Coldplay:
  5. I think that altought "bani adam" literally means "children of adam", it means "humanity" as a whole. you know, we all are adam's children, as he was the first man, according to the myth. And I just found out it is also the title a iranian poem, read by Obama in 2009. Considering (1) they had a Obama feature on AHFOD and (2) they had a persian poem also on AHFOD, I'm assuming this track will be an interlude like Kaleidoscope (the track).
  6. edit: sorry, i answered the wrong post. I suppose we're having a lyric video.
  7. I'm trying to have some hope it won't be always on the setlist o_O
  8. I think the album will be packed like Ghost Stories and AHFOD, with a box above the actual CD having the sun-and-moon. Or maybe the sun-and-moon art will be an alternative cover (like in MX) I'm terrible sorry about my English, but I'm not being able to straight-up express what I mean above; I hope you can understand.
  9. Natacha Atlas? And usually Coldplay doesn't credit collabs...
  10. JESUS CHRIST I LAUGHED SO HARD HAHAHAHA I kinda feel the same, it's by far their worse work in my opinion, but due to stockholm syndrome I'm often listening to it trying to save something. It's sad and pathetic. I dream of having a band someday and try to re-record AHFOD. I really think that the production made abominable what would be just a weak/ok album.
  11. Choices... in 2017, when "All I can think (...)" was played for the first time, there was talk about "a radiohead-esque song". It got me hyped immediatly lol Matt Whitecross sugested in a interview that Coldplay was yet to have a "Kid A". Sincerely, it seems unlikely. Yeah. I'm always waiting for the day they'll work with Hopkins and Eno again. A man can dream
  12. Now, iirc, there was romour that LP8 era wouldn't have a tour. It'd be funny if we were all predicting setlists for a tour that won't be lol
  13. Opening and ending track will probably be from the new album. Now, some songs that aren't "core setlist", but probably will be played (maybe not every night): - Everglow - Hymn for the Weekend - Amazing day - A L I E N S (I want it so much!) - All I can think... - Princess of China - Charlie Brown - UFO - Ink or Always in my head from GS - Violet hill - Speed of sound or The Hardest part from X&Y - God put a smile - Shiver - Don't panic
  14. Well, we can be sure that some songs surely won't leave the setlist. My bet for the "core setlist" is: - Yellow - Clocks - The scientist - Fix you - Viva la vida - ETIAW - Paradise - ASFOS - Magic (maybe not) - AHFOD - Adventure of a lifetime - SJLT (meh)
  15. Just came here to say we're almost on page 136 :P The """news""" about a double album got me hyped again. I just want a tracklist and single already! But I'm almost sure that the single's been delayed to next Friday.
  16. That would be MEGA, I love Will's voice. I think there's a chance - btw, I think that now on there's pretty much a chance for almost anything. AHFOD was their "last chapter", now they're up for something else.
  17. Well, yes? As surprising as it might seem, some people are not into this sound and are going to complain. Many others love it. That's life.
  18. Yeah, sure... but Johnny's becoming inaudible. His guitar work on AHFOD is really SUPERB, but you can barely hear it most of the time, because of that claustrophobic production. Well, maybe we are overreacting. We shall wait; luckly they will drop it by Monday.
  19. Goddamn, I wasn't aware of this malibu stuff. Makes sense. And this. Alright, I'm out. We were all fools expecting something new. Kirboh was right, this was our "Fool's gold".
  20. Precisely. I'm now feeling it'll be as experimental as Ghost Stories, if so. Hype dropped
  21. But that's an example of a good pop song/record.
  22. jesus christ, this is GREAT. I just hope it doesn't turn to a poppy thing... but I dont think so, anyway. This is suposed to be a "experimental" thing... All hail Mr. Davide Rossi!!
  23. But is Ken19 someone special? It could be anyone, just guessing as much as us.
  24. Last time Coldplay's sound got compared to Radiohead's was during their first years. I have officially been caught by the hype.
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