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  1. I was just watching old youtube videos and noticed how extravagant Coldplay shows were lol 2008/2009: The Blue Danube 2011/2012: Back to the Future theme 2016/2017: O Mio Babbino Caro Anyone prior to VLV can tell me what the intro music was for the 3 tours? if any...
  2. Viva la vida .... for me. I just never liked it..
  3. Hey Tom, Yup, I've seen the pics. You're a lucky person! Very nice of Chris to give you his shirt! band really cares about their fans :D oh, welcome to the site!!!
  4. anybody know what instrumental/music they use during the credits roll, after the band's take a bow and leave the stage??
  5. you're super lucky. both concerts I went to, I was preoccupied with something in the morning & and I didn't get to upgraded by a roadie. shoot :( maybe next tour, if they do something like it again lol good luck OP!
  6. hahahahah! my cousin and r i were literally screaming and giddy even before we saw the roadie. also I wish a roadie was present around the area where you were given a xyloband etc, we were having a heart attack putting it on LOLOL. ahhh maybe next tour! it would have been amazing. that's amazing! anyone who dresses up like an elephant pretty much has a good chance o_O
  7. age is nothing but a number! you're not old, you're living life!!! and like chris martin said "regardless of (fill in the blank), we all feel the same way about music, about love and, about good things in the world” - something like that, from Rock in Rio 2011 (I think but he defintely said it somewehere)
  8. that is a perfect age! can't wait for you to experience it all next tour!!! :D
  9. that's great to hear that you were able to swing around for multiple dates even though, you got in concerts late. These shows are amazing, aren't they? just pure bliss. hope you are having great night/day, wherever you are!
  10. I feel you!! time is fleeting. It's hard to fathom sometimes but one day at a time. on the other note, I really wish that they would play kaleidoscope more. If not, why not do an intimate tour lol
  11. oh wow! it's hard to think you weren't even born when the first albums were released :D time flies!!!
  12. haha it's not too bad! you can do more things then, than what you can now. but for now, continue to enjoy life! :p
  13. what country are u from? i wish for you to experience it all :heart:
  14. @JM-42 we'll about the same age. I agree it's the perfect age. @karvi22 yes!!! hope to have a career by then to fund the goal (like you) to travel and follow them.
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