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  1. Coldplay's back and so am I

  2. Sorry if this thread exists somewhere already I couldn't find anything. So I was thinking because NaNoWriMo is coming up (National Novel Writing Month), it'd be nice to have a writers thread. I might have written a short story inspired by Coldplay which is also a reason for the creation of this thread XD
  3. Finally the ALIENS inspired art that I finished a few days ago. The picture looks really bad, I'll need to scan it sometime.
  4. I used to like most of One Republic and was really getting into their music (Kids was awesome!) when they released this. I can't even listen to it. In my opinion it's one of the most generic and boring songs I've ever heard. Ahhhhhh:mad:. I can only hope they release some music in the future. Cause this is really the line between music and annoying-ness (if that word even exists)
  5. YEEES It finally came on the radio here in France! Caught me off guard
  6. Yes, another new Coldplay song for me to listen on repeat! :D
  7. Lost is my sister's favourite Coldplay song.
  8. At least the song live isn't that rare anymore. I still can't believe I got to hear it live. It was almost my request song...
  9. He might need a bit of work on his singing X'D
  10. It's so weird hearing it live for the first time
  11. Sorry I missed the start I'm here now
  12. "Worst" is a strong word... In my opinion: Coldplay is one of those bands that really nail 99.9999% of what they put out, even going to The Nappies and Ode To Deoderant (which are really not that bad!). However, it's of course normal for some of those songs to not fit to every fan. For me, it used to be Magic... Until I saw it live and fell in love with it. Since then the one song I just can't listen to is ASFOS. I've heard it so many times on the radio before and it just goes on my nerves. Every time I hear it I like it less... Maybe that'll change in the future but for now ASFOS is my l
  13. I guess there would be more visitors as they're doing the US tour.
  14. Love that song by The Cold Play!
  15. My mom isn't happy about the fact that I got it either. But in a few weeks I'll be in the UK and she won't know when I secretly buy albums XD I also have them digitally but I have the same thing as I have for books: I need to have something in my hands, physically, that I can put on a desk, etc. It just feels a bit void only having them on the screen...
  16. Bought my first ever physical album today! :eek::blush:
  17. 7.5/10 really like it. It's funny cause I used to be in a cover band and they wanted to do this song. Brings back memories XD
  18. It'll get better. Sometimes it just takes some time. In any case, you're not alone.
  19. Hahahahaha I became a fan during the AHFOD dreams era :laughing::joy::sob::sob::sob::sob: And it wasn't even through their latest album, it was just that it was at that time that I discovered that all my favourite songs came from the same band lol
  20. That's just too sad. Always all this anger. Really wouldn't know what to do about but sit and wait for it to pass :(
  21. I'm jumping to this song lol. Reminds me of driving late at night from the airport for christmas
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