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  1. The trippy slow beat is really cool. It feels like somewhat of a concept song and I like it. CP is never going to be one thing and this song is further proof of that. I even like the high pitched parts. An improvement from the Everyday Life album.
  2. I like it...it is about time CP rocks again. It gets me head bobbing which is a good thing. Could the lyrics have been better, maybe but it is certainly as step in the right direction. They need a song like this on every album. More song like this, Politik and God Put a Smile on Your Face.
  3. Well 16 months later I am going to close the loop on this from my prospective. After taking a lot of Coldplay time off I can listen to them again and enjoy it. I just recently purchased the butterfly package and watching the DVD brought back a lot of memories. It brought back happy memories of going to the concert in Dallas but it also brought back sad memories of the cancelled show in Houston and everything that went along with Hurricane Harvey including the loss of live and property (ironic name of the storm). My son who would have gone to the Houston show with us and was very excited
  4. Hurts Like Heaven vote out. Is it any wonder that two of the most upbeat songs on the Album were the final 2? be a bright red rose come bursting the concrete.
  5. 10 days later with no votes in the last 4, can we declare this one over to get down to the final?
  6. First off, it is good to see this game work. Any of the 4 remaining songs in my opinion are certainly deserving of winning, although I do have my favorite of the 4. Someone won't agree with each of the next 3 eliminations. ETIAW
  7. Or get rid of both of them to speed this thing up. :idea:
  8. UATW for now and then we go for Up with the Birds next. I have finally figured out this is a game of alliances and momentum.
  9. UFO to save both Major Minus and Princess of China.
  10. I am not sure that I want to get involved with this one after the song that survived the Ghost Stories version of this. I guess I will give it another chance since I at least do like the back on forth of everyone's opinions. This is my second favorite album so I will have lots of strong opinions after we get rid of all the short ones such as: A Hopeful Transmission
  11. Strictly on the UP and UP, right. See what I did there. :p
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