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  1. I think Politik is deeply emotional. When it gets to, 'Give me love over this', it is hard not to be moved. Probably their most dramatic song as well. I used to bulk deliver newspapers in Sherborne, where Chris went to school in the 90s. I used to see the students from time to time. Little did I think one of them would be writing Politik a few years later.
  2. I'm new here. Shame it didn't get played. Sounds like everyone enjoyed trying ! :)
  3. Thanks for the info. I will give it a listen.
  4. I think the band might connect with a t.v. station to do some kind of new talent show. Chris has been associated with X FACTOR more than once. They could promote their own new records in this way. If they do this kind of thing I'm sure it would be original and better than X Factor. Something different is being planned with contracts already signed, as bands in their position have to plan at least a couple of years ahead.
  5. Crystal Ball is one of my faves. Like most of what they did. Pity they dont record again.
  6. Thanks for the Keane info. You're right, emotional music passes all age barriers.
  7. Thanks for the response. You're not much older than the band - so not too bad !
  8. Thanks for the welcome. The threads look interesting. Will look closer when I have some time.
  9. A Bhugatti (I doubt if that's how you spell it) I once saw on Topgear. It could do 280 miles an hour and was worth a million or more. If you couldn't drive it on the road you would get a good price for it. It was a fantastic car.
  10. Hello you Coldplayers. I'm one of the the new kids in town and was wondering if anyone could tell me whether I am the oldest person on here. I am 62. I have been listening to the band since X and Y. I grew up listening to the Beatles and thought I would never hear that kind of innovation and originality again. Then Coldplay came along and I thought they were the best thing for decades. Does anyone know if Keane are reforming? I heard a rumour they might be. The two bands know each other and I have missed Keane's melodic songs I do a bit of recording in my spare time and have put tog
  11. I performed all the music and vocals on this video and chose images which I hope convey some of the spirit of the song . Would love to know what people think of this tribute to a great Coldplay song.
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