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  1. driving down the empty highway, just you and the passing lights above wind blowing through the half-open window stereo so loud you can't hear yourself scream your destination is home...but you just want to keep driving. because you're looking for something that can't be found, it can only be experienced.
  2. White Shadows should be next, that or Swallowed in the Sea hell, Moses should be released too, why not?
  3. HAHAHA i got that one...Interference rawks too
  4. okay it's working now... sounds like Square One...GARR it's buffering! haha
  5. "in concert :: Coldplay Coldplay is playing tonight at the Pond, tickets are sold out but you can still catch the show. We will be webcasting the show tonight starting at 9 pm. For all the upcoming concerts info check out the KROQ Concert Calendar." anyone watching this? i can't find it anywhere on KROQ.com, HELP!!! ahhhh...
  6. anyone know how many hours did it take for the presale for today to sell out?
  7. yes i got an email from KROQ (i'm a member, it's free) with a password for the Friday presale at 10 am any idea how many tickets are allocated?
  8. Hey you have it reversed, tabs are written like so (1)e|-0----------0------------0-------------0---------- (2)b|----3-----------3-------------3------------3------ (3)g|------2--2---------0--0---------0--0------------- (4)d|----------------------------------------------4--4- (5)a|--------------------------------------------------- (6)e|--------------------------------------------------- 6th string is the thickest, and 1st string is the thinnest one btw that riff is "Speed of Sound" best of luck to learning guitar, I taught myself using the Internet and books over the last year,
  9. lol yeah anyways lilchick I like that you are trying to like U2 because of your bf, evn though you think they're overrated or whatever. To me, the lyrics of Bono speak the most to me as a person who has problems with life and everything else. As a musician, the Edge's distinct style of play sets him apart from anyone else out there, though he'll never be compared to Hendrix, Clapton, Page, just because he's much different from them. As for the actual music, I am surprised you don't like their singles. Have you heard their Joshua Tree singles? They're magnificent... Anyways it is tru
  10. I take MAJOR personal offense to the Joshua Tree's inclusion in that list :angry: whoever thinks so should go back to their mental instutition... sorry if I offend anyone, but no, I am really that sorry :sneaky:
  11. hey do you know how to do the lead guitar bit in the acoustic version? I'm thinking of covering this gem for a talent show with my buddy, but he doesn't know the lead part...any help would be cool, thanks
  12. go to http://www.musicnotes.com it's awesome...
  13. err I love U2 though! and Oasis isn't bad, I'd like them to make a comeback well...NOT GREEN DAY, that's all I know lol
  14. bout 3 weeks for me, just be patient :)
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