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  1. I'm so happy about the new songs and I'm extremely excited for the whole album to come out! As this is the first time for me following the appearance of a new Coldplay album so actively, I really feel quite weird now that the new "era" started, you know what I mean? It's just that after all that time I've got used so much to the state it was for such a long time now and it's of course not that I don't want to hear new music, please don't get me wrong - not at all haha!:heart: I just wanted to ask if you guys maybe experienced the same feeling at the beginning of new eras and if so, I'd really
  2. OMG it's Stromae singing the french part!!!:party::heart::heart::heart::heart_eyes:
  3. So exciteeed! Can anyone send the link of the leak to me, not bc I can't wait 5 more minutes but bc it would be kind of really special, u know?:heart::innocent:
  4. Okay, take your time and get well soon!:innocent:
  5. Hey, nice to read! Im probably as shocked as you are :grinning: I live here for only 3 months now but my home town isn't far either :) If you like you can dm me!
  6. Hey guys, yesterday I recieved an awesome parcel from Belgium!:blush: 1000 thanks to Nie (unfortunately I don't know your user name but I'm gonna send you a card in case you don't reply to the post ) for the wonderful presents!! I don't know how I deserve so much kindness. This is all so pretty. The christmas baubles are definitely gonna decorate my wall as I don't have enough space for a christmas tree in my students dorm, this is going to look great!! They're so pretty, what a great idea! Thank you so much for everything - the chocolate, the candy canes, the stickers (I love them and
  7. Would you ne so kind to re-upload the Coldplaying asks Coldplay audio or video file? Unfortunately both of them aren't available anymore...

    1. Batman


      Hello! :D I'll try to contact the admin and ask him wtf happened to the audio file. Seems like someone deleated it accidentally or something >:C

  8. It could bend or it could break, that's the risk that you take

  9. Yes haha but at least we know they're currently doing their best;) And we all know it's worth waiting so after it will have come out we'll laugh about our impatience:p
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