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  1. Thanks for the link to the video! It's ok, not what I had in mind for the song and it's taking some of it's lyrics too seriously I think. And there's no real ending to it either - no conclusion or anything. I liked the scenes of the guys tho!
  2. I LOVE Crystal Ball! Love the fairytale imagery in it. It's said to be the next single.. Looking forward to the video if that's the case! :D Someone said that the least immediate moments on this album are the most rewarding and that seems true. I didn't like Leaving So Soon? and Broken Toy on first listen (thought they were dull) but now I love them. Especially Leaving So Soon, I really relate to the lyrics. The album is great but I'm yet to like certain songs like Hamburg Song (zzzZZZzzz), Put It Behind You and The Frog Prince. So far so good with the rest though.
  3. It really is amazing.. I'm on "A Bad Dream" right now and I could tell right away when I first watched that live video with crappy audio quality that this would be an amazing song and oh my it is... Fucking awesome. Sounds like a great album so far!
  4. Emo is very last summer now isn't it? I'd choose to be a hippie over being an emo guy. Anytime! Ugh. Having long greasy hair and wearing tight girl pants isn't exactly an appealing thought. Flower power all the way :lol:
  5. Keane are doing a podcast now each week it seems - you can download it from here (unless you really feel like using iTunes and stuff, in that case go to http://www.keanemusic.com ): http://www.keanemusic.com/keane-1.mp3 They talk about the new song Nothing In My Way, play loads of that (it sounds like an amazing song) and they also play a clip of Leaving So Soon. :)
  6. ^Yeah they seem to have. Haha. I believe that is the video version of Atlantic though, as it's just as long as the video. I'm glad the version on the album will be shorter. :)
  7. Make This Go On Forever for me! I also love You Could Be Happy, Set The Fire To The Third Bar and Hands Open. The only track I don't like is Headlights On Dark Roads.. Sorry but I find it duller than dishwater!
  8. You can watch and/or download the video here: http://www.guba.com/general/video/search?contentMaturity=1&contentType=1&expandedSubcategory=&query=keane&x=0&y=0&mst=31&fields=7 I just saw it.. Really dark and weird, but also very interesting and.. different! Love the ending, even tho it's kinda creepy.
  9. I just saw this on the Coldplayer.. WTF? Worst Coldplay vid ever. It wasn't even funny.. RIP X&Y. Talk about killing off a good album.
  10. You can listen to the new single at their site. It sounds good but somehow the vocalists voice sounds different this time around.. :S
  11. Fix You by far! SOS was great if not a little bit boring.. And I seem to be the only one but I hated the Talk video. So yeah.
  12. I don't know much about it myself but at this forum I'm the admin of a guy posted a full guide on how to do it.. Link
  13. 500ml bottle of coke - about 1.6$ Chewing gum - about 1$ Norway's really expensive..
  14. Alexis Strum - Cocoon (March 27th) Snow Patrol - Eyes Open (May 1st) Eskobar - Eskobar (May) Britta Persson - TBA (May) Keane - TBA (Early summer) Siobhan Donaghy - TBA (Summer)
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