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  1. Hi @lennyrott1, sorry it took so long to reply! I went through a really bad time a couple of weeks ago, but fortunately I had a vacation right after that. It did wonders to get out of the city for a week and just rest. This time of year is challenging for me anyway even without all the stress of work because the days are getting shorter and I spend most of the daylight hours inside. I'm sorry to hear you also are unhappy in your job. It's a tricky thing, to do a job you're not happy with just for the income. On the other hand, seeing so many being unemployed makes me feel lucky to still have a job at all. Music really is the great healer, I've gotten through a lot with it. All the best to you, I hope you also have better days ahead!
  2. Hi Gustavo, welcome to the forum! Ghost Stories is also my favorite album, can't beat listening to it on headphones. So many heartbreaking but beautiful songs!
  3. Hi Gideon and thank you for the kind words! I'm a bit better now after going through a real low a couple of weeks ago. When you're down it seems so hard to get up again, but this is not the first time and thankfully I've always managed to get through it. It also helps to have loving parents and listening to Coldplay! They really have made it their life's mission to make people feel better about themselves. Chris has a way of coming up with lyrics that always cheer me up, one example being Miracles (Someone Special) that I've been listening to a lot lately. That song has the perfect last words "Don't go to war with yourself, just turn it on".
  4. Hello Everyone! I briefly returned to the forums in May after a long absence but then vanished again until now. I've been struggling the whole year, it all started back in January and the covid situation just made it all the more worse. From reading the posts here seems I'm not the only one having a hard time. I feel stuck in a job I'm not happy in anymore, haven't been for a couple of years now. At the same time I recognize I'm lucky to still have a job that has given me a chance to live a relatively normal life. I have a roof over my head, a car and some money to buy a Coldplay record if I want to. At the same time I feel very unhappy, stressed and anxious most of the days at work. It used to be fun, but now that money is becoming increasingly tight it makes everything that much harder and people are on edge. We've had temporary and permanent layoffs and it's not looking any better in the future. Waiting for the axe to fall is very tiring and even if it doesn't I would be ready to move on. Dreading the next morning is just not the way I would like to live my life, but I need the income. I've been thinking about looking for other means of employment but it seems I've become somewhat "institutionalized" in these 15 years at my current employers service. It's very difficult to believe I would have something to offer to another firm and starting over is scary anyway. At the same time I'm thinking this can't go on or I'll burn out before long. Add to that the worry about my parents' health, the virus and the world gone mad and it seems I just can't win. I've got into a habbit of listenening to Coldplay at work when I feel down and it has cheered me up enough to carry on for the rest of the day. When I joined this site I said Coldplay are changing the world for the better and in these small ways it's absolutely true. If they manage to give hope to anyone feeling down, then they have succeeded and I feel eternally grateful to them. Today Coldplay also managed to make me feel sad that I've not managed to see them live, I hope that can be fixed some day! If you read through the whole post thank you and sorry for such a gloomy return to the site. I try to take part in lighter conversations as well.
  5. Haha, good answer! 🤣 Probably about 20+ years ago, I only do walks now! When was the last time you sent a postcard?
  6. About an hour ago! Fish sticks and french fries for lunch, exciting right? 😀 When was the last time you were genuinely surprised about something?
  7. Hi M, good to see you're still here! Time really does fly, seems like years go by every time I close my eyes. I look forward to reading your posts on the forum! 🙂 Charlie
  8. The last tv series I've watched that left a strong impression was After Life, So heartbraking but hopeful and funny at the same time. I was literally in tears one minute and laughing the next. Highly recommended!
  9. Thank you Divutian! Don't ever give up and believe in love are the message we need when times seem dark! ❤️ Charlie
  10. Hello everyone! I've been away so long that I thought it appropriate to re-introduce myself. I joined Coldplaying in May 2018 and was pretty active for a while, but then life took over like it usually does. I've just been too exhausted to be social online, though this is the only forum I've really missed being part of. The one thing that hasn't changed in these two years is my love for Coldplay. I've kept up to date with everything the band has done, bought Everyday Life the day it came out and watched every new video. When I joined two years ago I said Coldplay is in their own way changing the world for better with their very human, positive attitude and that is what I believe even more now. If you can make a change in one person for better, then you have already made a difference. We need every bit of hope and love we are lucky to get. I don't know how many of the members I talked with are still here, but I hope to read your posts once again and also make new friends. I hope you are all safe and doing well, much to you! Charlie Xyloto
  11. I've been away from the forums for a while, but this documentary news is the greatest! I've already booked my ticket to a screening for November 14.!:cool:
  12. Wow, cool shirt! You look really happy!
  13. Right now melting in the summer heat and listening to my favourite Coldplay album Ghost Stories... :sun::sun::sun::cool:Have a happy summer everyone!
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