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  1. My thoughts exactly! This is only the first single, who knows what the rest of the album will sound like. And even if it was all upbeat pop songs, I wouldn't mind. I'm pretty sure though that they'll give us a well balanced mix of tunes. In the new Zane Lowe interview Chris talked about A Sky Full of Stars existing in the same album as O (Fly On), so we could be getting more than one flavour.
  2. Looking at the AHFOD concerts I would give anything to have been there! If (when) they tour again, anywhere in Europe is fine with me as long as travel restrictions are not in place anymore. I will plan my vacation around their tour dates to catch at least one show, two if I'm lucky!
  3. I bet HP makes for great running music, there's so much energy there! I came to love Coldplay when AHFOD was released, although Ghost Stories was the first album I listened to in full and is still my favorite. I have an appreciation of both their older material as well as new, Everyday Life in my opinion is a true classic. I love the fact that they keep changing and trying new sounds, I wouldn't want to buy the same record all over again! And yeah, I would also LOVE to hear this in a concert someday! That's my greatest wish, to be able to see Coldplay live, I missed them on AHFOD tour to my ev
  4. There's no way they'll get 'em! 😆
  5. Having listened to Higher Power for five times now, I really like it! I made the mistake I usually avoid at all cost, which is listening to a song for the first time while watching the music video. I feel it's best to just shut your eyes and let the music fill the room and bring whatever images it wants to bring and not let the music video tell you how to feel. After that initial mistake I listened to the song without the video and then it really started to grow on me! Chris always has lyrics you can relate to and feel uplifted with and there is a great groove going on. There is one thing that
  6. Hi @lennyrott1, sorry it took so long to reply! I went through a really bad time a couple of weeks ago, but fortunately I had a vacation right after that. It did wonders to get out of the city for a week and just rest. This time of year is challenging for me anyway even without all the stress of work because the days are getting shorter and I spend most of the daylight hours inside. I'm sorry to hear you also are unhappy in your job. It's a tricky thing, to do a job you're not happy with just for the income. On the other hand, seeing so many being unemployed makes me feel lucky to still have a
  7. Hi Gustavo, welcome to the forum! Ghost Stories is also my favorite album, can't beat listening to it on headphones. So many heartbreaking but beautiful songs!
  8. Hi Gideon and thank you for the kind words! I'm a bit better now after going through a real low a couple of weeks ago. When you're down it seems so hard to get up again, but this is not the first time and thankfully I've always managed to get through it. It also helps to have loving parents and listening to Coldplay! They really have made it their life's mission to make people feel better about themselves. Chris has a way of coming up with lyrics that always cheer me up, one example being Miracles (Someone Special) that I've been listening to a lot lately. That song has the perfect last words
  9. Hello Everyone! I briefly returned to the forums in May after a long absence but then vanished again until now. I've been struggling the whole year, it all started back in January and the covid situation just made it all the more worse. From reading the posts here seems I'm not the only one having a hard time. I feel stuck in a job I'm not happy in anymore, haven't been for a couple of years now. At the same time I recognize I'm lucky to still have a job that has given me a chance to live a relatively normal life. I have a roof over my head, a car and some money to buy a Coldplay rec
  10. Haha, good answer! 🤣 Probably about 20+ years ago, I only do walks now! When was the last time you sent a postcard?
  11. About an hour ago! Fish sticks and french fries for lunch, exciting right? 😀 When was the last time you were genuinely surprised about something?
  12. Hi M, good to see you're still here! Time really does fly, seems like years go by every time I close my eyes. I look forward to reading your posts on the forum! 🙂 Charlie
  13. The last tv series I've watched that left a strong impression was After Life, So heartbraking but hopeful and funny at the same time. I was literally in tears one minute and laughing the next. Highly recommended!
  14. Thank you Divutian! Don't ever give up and believe in love are the message we need when times seem dark! ❤️ Charlie
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