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  1. Chris just said a few days ago that they won't tour again until it's enviornmentally beneficial. I don't know what this does to the LP9 timeline, but we may have to wait longer for the next album. I agree that I don't want LP9 too soon, I really want to enjoy this era, EL is a very special album, I can already tell it's going to be one of my favorites.
  2. Yeah, I don't think they've ever done that, Live 2012 had explicit content, but that doesn't count.
  3. The tracklist was spotted again, this time in a Sydney Australia newspaper, as reported by Coldplay Xtra
  4. Here is my prediction on what we're getting tomorrow: -Official band announcement (not letters, posters or newspaper clippings) -Album art -Official tracklist -The beginning of pre sale -Two singles (most likely Orphans and Arabesque. Possible Trouble in Town or Everyday Life, one of the four) -I also think that we will get the Chris and Guy video, but not tomorrow. We'll get it the beginning of November as another single comes out. -I'm also hoping they explain how the 100 years fits in to this, that's the only part that's a head scratcher to me. Maybe a 100 years explanation will help us understand the thumbnails as well.
  5. I know this is slightly off topic, but does anyone else want to hear the original stripped back version of MX? Actually... we could very well hear a couple of reworked tracks from it.
  6. They could do what U2 did with Songs of Innocence and Songs of Expirience where on certain songs off of Songs of Expirience would quote a couple lines directly from Songs of Innocence. For example: the song 13 on Expirience had some of the same lyrics as Song for Someone did off the Innocence album. And American Soul did the same with the song Volcano off the Innocence album. This would explain the b/w thumbnails.
  7. It works for me, but I had to reload it a couple times.
  8. I really like the theroy of the 50 years sunrise 50 years sunset, I really hope that's what they have in the works. I love the idea of it being political, we live in crazy times politically, it was only a matter of time before it influenced their music
  9. I think it will be this year because they mentioned the 100 years in the letter and the date on the posters is 100 years from the nov 22 release date in the letter
  10. The format of a double album makes sense as well, Chris has gone on record saying he'd be surprised if Coldplay ever released another conventional album.
  11. If I'm not mistaken the bit at the end of the AHFOD film was about the Butterfly Package. There was a deluxe/standard version then smaller versions ie live in buenos aires live album and the sao paulo dvd.
  12. Hopefully an official announcement will clarify how it's being released seeing as it's being debated on this thread
  13. This letter is confusing, is the expirimental album called Everyday Life were the first half is called sunrise and the other sunset? Is one of the supposed two albums called sunrise and the other sunset? Or is the supposed second album not happening and instead we're getting a double album?
  14. The question is now, do we get a new single Monday or Friday?
  15. I'm in North Americca too, if the theroy is right about them teasing next week and then announcement on Friday, we could see posters in America next week. Just my guess.
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