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  1. To me, the Rock in Rio news makes me think that Coldplay intend to release Music of the Spheres either this summer or early fall. Although, that could all change due to the circumstances.
  2. Maybe we'll get something during the Instagram live stream today.
  3. I would love a rework album! If the reworked version of Lovers in Japan they played during the Everyday Life era is any indication, we would be in for a killer rework album. Honestly, I found the reworked version of LIJ to be far superior to the version on Viva. Not that the version is bad though, I just liked the other better.
  4. What do you guys think they'll choose next? -In My Place? -Ink? -Neither, this is all a coincidence. Also, I have another idea, I think someone already said it though. I think they'll release The Race when it's time for R to coincide with their upcoming iHeart Radio performance.
  5. They don't necessarily have to play a new song to symbolize a new era. This could easily be similar to their 2015 iHeart Radio appearance. If they perform in regular stage black with nothing special on their instruments, then a new album may not be coming as soon as we're hoping. If they perform in a new wardrobe, or something interesting on their instruments, then a new record is right around the corner. I don't personally think we'll get a new song (I really, really, hope I'm wrong), but I do think there will be hints towards the new era on stage with them.
  6. Chris just said a few days ago that they won't tour again until it's enviornmentally beneficial. I don't know what this does to the LP9 timeline, but we may have to wait longer for the next album. I agree that I don't want LP9 too soon, I really want to enjoy this era, EL is a very special album, I can already tell it's going to be one of my favorites.
  7. Yeah, I don't think they've ever done that, Live 2012 had explicit content, but that doesn't count.
  8. The tracklist was spotted again, this time in a Sydney Australia newspaper, as reported by Coldplay Xtra
  9. Here is my prediction on what we're getting tomorrow: -Official band announcement (not letters, posters or newspaper clippings) -Album art -Official tracklist -The beginning of pre sale -Two singles (most likely Orphans and Arabesque. Possible Trouble in Town or Everyday Life, one of the four) -I also think that we will get the Chris and Guy video, but not tomorrow. We'll get it the beginning of November as another single comes out. -I'm also hoping they explain how the 100 years fits in to this, that's the only part that's a head scratcher to me. Maybe a 100 years explanation will he
  10. I know this is slightly off topic, but does anyone else want to hear the original stripped back version of MX? Actually... we could very well hear a couple of reworked tracks from it.
  11. They could do what U2 did with Songs of Innocence and Songs of Expirience where on certain songs off of Songs of Expirience would quote a couple lines directly from Songs of Innocence. For example: the song 13 on Expirience had some of the same lyrics as Song for Someone did off the Innocence album. And American Soul did the same with the song Volcano off the Innocence album. This would explain the b/w thumbnails.
  12. It works for me, but I had to reload it a couple times.
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