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  1. It's funny. I really like their music, but I am not sure I particularly have this huge appetite for another LP. They've made a double album which all proper artists should do, I think... and there's plenty of back catalogue to enjoy...
  2. Have given Higher Power a fair few listens and think it's okay but then giving a few older albums a spin after... I prefer earlier material...
  3. Could stick Lukas on there too...
  4. Am not such a fan of "Everyday LIfe" as some of the other Coldplay LPs but it's still a distinctive and interesting record and not just a re-tread. If we only get 9 LPs out Coldplay, that's still good going. I don't think "Higher Power" is the best thing they've done - maybe a bit worrying it is their 1st single from a projected album (often the best thing on an lp) but it is not below par. Just need to put "Moses" on it and another decent 8 tunes. Coldplay do seem capable of self-editing. Most of their albums aren't too long and are 10 or 11 songs. Is #9 de
  5. I somewhat hope Coldplay don't continue forever... sorta like The Rolling Stones... I really like them too, but albums from them have mostly seem to have been an excuse for touring since about 1980. And that Coldplay only continue as a creative force.
  6. There's tunes I can understand not making the album - Rainy Day is a lot of fun, but not a good fit for Viva La Vida. And I doubt they'd put out anything on an album proper that has already had a studio release. "Moses" however is top drawer stuff...
  7. Could sprinkle some 2021 magic dust on it...
  8. They probably wouldn't do this. And Coldplay are brilliant at sticking great tunes out on b-sides and eps and things, but I always felt this was such a great tune and deserved to be on an album. Radiohead's last LP had a few not too new tunes on it.
  9. Think it's pretty good. Not sure about the video though, sounds like a night-time song. Sometimes bands do a 2nd video for a song. Why they just decided to film in a random car park? If they'd just made the same video at night, it'd been better. Also I've noticed they've started to look a little older... Definitely an 80s vibe...
  10. Sunrise Arabesque Orphans Guns Eko Champions Of The World Daddy Flags BrokEn Everyday Life Could make maybe a pretty strong album - may want to tinker with the order a bit.
  11. And 'Cry, Cry, Cry' I could live without. WOTW/POTP just sounds a bit like a scribble. There's too many instrumentals - 'When I Need a Friend' and 'Bani Adam' seem a bit pointless. And I like 'Flags' too but it is not on the album.
  12. So I've given the new album a few listens and I'm not that keen... It's not terrible... and there are some really good songs but some of the instrumentals and one song is basically a half-finished demo... I live the idea of bands doing a double album, but think maybe they'd been better paring it down... Most Coldplay albums are pretty lean affairs...
  13. Would seem more fun at the end than the ubiquitous greatest hits... and may encourage people to buy the albums...
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