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  1. Sunrise Arabesque Orphans Guns Eko Champions Of The World Daddy Flags BrokEn Everyday Life Could make maybe a pretty strong album - may want to tinker with the order a bit.
  2. And 'Cry, Cry, Cry' I could live without. WOTW/POTP just sounds a bit like a scribble. There's too many instrumentals - 'When I Need a Friend' and 'Bani Adam' seem a bit pointless. And I like 'Flags' too but it is not on the album.
  3. So I've given the new album a few listens and I'm not that keen... It's not terrible... and there are some really good songs but some of the instrumentals and one song is basically a half-finished demo... I live the idea of bands doing a double album, but think maybe they'd been better paring it down... Most Coldplay albums are pretty lean affairs...
  4. Would seem more fun at the end than the ubiquitous greatest hits... and may encourage people to buy the albums...
  5. i have no complaints if they're just releasing the one double album...
  6. i read the 2019 album was supposed to be more arty experimental and then it would be followed by a more conventional one... maybe like u2 did with passengers
  7. also is the cover the moon and star? or the b/w photo?
  8. just a bit confused by what was being reported, previously....
  9. So as Everyday Life is a double album.... does that mean they plan to put out an album next year as well... or is this both the projected albums together?
  10. Are the band still claiming AHFOD was/is their last album?
  11. Could be nice to put out this anthology as a sort of alternative history rather than the obligatory greatest hits collection.
  12. Other bands make good b-sides, like Radiohead... but I can see somewhat why these songs have gone onto flipsides... they're a bit experimental sometimes or don't fit into the sound of their album/s... but Coldplay's best b-sides sound more like singles...
  13. I don't think I've heard some of the songs that people have listed... like "Car Kids".
  14. Maybe the songs just didn't fit into the feel of the albums they were working on at the time. I think some of these tracks are great...
  15. 1. A Rush Of Blood To The Head 2. A Head Full Of Dreams 3. Ghost Stories 4. Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends 5. Mylo Xyloto 6. Parachutes 7. X & Y
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