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  1. Okay, that probably explains the vague nature of the CD credits. If the band is big enough and there's enough bootlegs out there, you'll find people who don't give up like you and I. Here's a great example: http://www.thegardentapes.co.uk/tgt.html Thanks for your reply to the thread :)
  2. '...and then into Fix You...' A Sky Full Of Stars is from Tokyo, if Chris saying 'arigato' at the end is any indication
  3. At a guess, I would say that Midnight/Charlie Brown Hymn For The Weekend are also from Tokyo Dome, given that they merge seamlessly into each other and the into Fix You, including 'overhanging' parts from the previous song into the next track. Happy to be contradicted though... Cheers, Lloyd :)
  4. If anyone has a link for Flags, I'd be really interested to hear it. Please PM me if you're happy to help out. Cheers, Lloyd
  5. I agree; surely the 4K/Blu-Ray deserves pride of place in the super-deluxe release with the gold vinyl etc etc Still, I hope you're right, the audio and video from Sao Paulo would be stunning in 4K/Blu-Ray
  6. I agree: amazing packaging, fantastic performances and then the ignominy of DVD for the films. For those unfamiliar with the DVD format, the audio quality is roughly the same as MP3. You get better audio quality through streaming sites; so we can already listen to Buenos Aires on iTunes and stream the AHFOD film via Amazon IN BETTER QUALITY! In this day and age, a physical release needs to offer something MORE than what we can get for free (or nearly free) over the internet. So WTF is a very good question. It's either a cynical move to sell the blu-ray separately to the same people down the line or just a really misjudged decision. Although I was looking forward to this release immensely, I think I'll hold onto my cash. Oh, and where are the absolutely stellar promo videos from the AHFOD album? Could they not have been included as extras somewhere? When I say BLU!, you say RAY!, everybody now: BLU-RAY! BLU-RAY! BLU-RAY! BLU-RAY! BLU-RAY! BLU-RAY! BLU-RAY!
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