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  1. this is true! especially in the music video, so beautiful.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXKYA-zmzTY:140 here's a link to the time mark. Chris is wearing some sort of Green and White shoe in the spinning room. any ideas?
  3. I also don't know how to DM but here's the invite link to another CP discord if you ever want in on it ( https://discord.gg/p7xyFsY )
  4. I personally think Jonny should have a very small beard, it suits him, like during AHFOD Tour. Will during MX tour was probably the best look out of him during all tours, in my opinion. Will with small hair at the top and that beard (showed in the photo) is probably his best look at any tour, it really suits him.
  5. I dont wanna advertise, I love Coldplay, but there is another Coldplay Discord. If you badly want in on it, I could dm it because I am not here to advertise, on a completely irrelevant topic, I love the fact that Jonny now almost has a Will sized beard, do you think Will trims his beard himself?
  6. Will Champion = God

  7. hi guys, don't think I've ever commented on here before, but I always look at this channel and decided to make an account to finally say something, which is hello lol. Will is my favourite member obviously, and I don't know if I can post gif's here but here's a gif of Will Champion drumming, its currently my current profile picture on Discord, take a look; love the way he looks at the camera in the end.
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