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  1. This isn't really about an emotional connection to a song but actually one from the band itself, specifically Will. Ever since I started to become a fan of the band, I couldn't help but notice the way Will plays with so much energy and power. Watching him playing drums made it seem so fun to me that I thought that maybe I should try it! Long story short, it was one of the best decisions I ever took in my life. It has brought me so much joy to me that goes beyond being just an hobby. It definitevely made quarantine easier to go through! So for that reason I would really like to meet Will (and t
  2. That's okay, just having it in some form is good enough! I do think the better quality verson was taken down due to copyright, but this will work for now 😀
  3. I was one of those people that asked for it, thank you very much for sharing it @aaronm360 ! This will come in handy since now I actually play drums 😂
  4. So I found the full video of the garden perfomance of Oprhans which I could not find elsewhere (Coldplay's social media on shared a small clip of it): Sounds really good in my opinion! And I gotta love that lovely little interaction at the end from Chris and Will. Also here's the full BTS video of the mv. There's so many cut parts and choreography that they filmed! They really should release a director's cut of the video like some have said here.
  5. Well it's been a while since I had posted anything here! Obviously I have been lurking around in light of the new Coldplay album. It's funny to think that just a few weeks ago we were worried if Coldplay was even to come back with new material and after the Global Citizen concert announcement we still wondered if that would the only thing to look up to. And now here we are with two new songs which have been getting almost universal praise by the fandom and a new album will be in our hands in less than month. With this being my first time following a new Coldplay era I couldn't be more happy to
  6. É tão bom puder ouvir-los de novo e ver o fandom tão ativa! Honestamente estou muito surpreendido com as novas músicas na positiva. Orphans é o mais próximo ao Coldplay que estamos habituados, enquanto o Arabesque é algo completamente novo para a banda. Por isso as expectativas para o novo album são altas! Só espero mesmo que caso façam tour que não deixem de vir cá a Portugal como foi para o AHFOD tour!
  7. Happy 41 birthday to Will Champion! The person that inspired me from the very beginning to learn how to play drums, which I hold so dearly in my heart and have a lot to thank him for it. :heart:
  8. That's very interesting actually. This past weekend I had my first trip ever to London and of course I wanted to get a chance to visit The Bakery, not only to see the mythical place but also to deliver a letter in person and to see if I got lucky enough to meet the boys. When I get there there's a guy closing The Bakery. When he understood what I was doing there he said "Oh man I'm sorry, you missed them by five days". After that he asked me where I was from and my name and said "ok I'm going to make sure you get a response. I'm sorry that came from so far away to see them, they will be back i
  9. Oh, I had no idea there were more, thanks for sharing! Here they are:
  10. In courtesy to what @merril posted on the random Coldplay thoughs thread, Will recently gave a tour to music students, answered their questions and let them play on his kit and Chris' piano. Here's the very first public photo of Will from 2019:
  11. Wow that's incredible, those people were immensely lucky to get a chance to do something like that! That's a one in a lifetime opportunity. It's so great for Will to show some behind the scenes since the band is mostly quiet about their writing process.
  12. I have come here again with some more note worthy vocal perfomances from Will! The first one that I would like to talk about Major Minus. On this song during the "distorted" vocals you can clearly hear Will singing alongside Chris, which makes for a pretty cool effect. Now I think one of the reasons it took me so long to realise that Will is singing is that for some reason he never does his part during live perfomances. The other one is Speed Of Sound. On the 2006 Toronto live recording Will's vocals during the chorus are very audible, even more than Chris at times! https://www.yout
  13. When I think of Jonny's solos, my mind goes immediately to True Love. I so simple yet so effective and it really pays off to the build up of the song. Just phenomenal! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=4BK7-NREsL8;t=218
  14. Agreed! At first it's very calm and even a bit reminiscent of his drumming style during Parachutes but then you get that great build up were he pays off big time.
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