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  1. That performance was just surreal. It was amazingly well directed and so the setting was so poignant, Amman seemed perfect for Everyday Life! I even loved the 2-3 minutes of prayer at the end, absolutely beautiful. Highlight has to be Arabesque, it’s even better live!
  2. Wow this song is so, so good. The lyrics remind me of SJLT but in a good way - I can imagine the video being a cartoon, including a boy riding off in the sky with E.T on there :) This may be rather tenuous but does the end few seconds remind anyone of Sim City? ...Just me?:P
  3. That’s great, really well done - I’d think it was official! Shame it’s not possible to post
  4. Wow, just wow - I never expected this. This is unlike anything they've ever done before and it's fantastic, such a breath of fresh air after AHFOD. I listened to the full album in bed last night and it is so, so good. But here's my track by track: Sunrise - Absolutely beautiful arrangement. I'm not big on classical music but this is brilliant. Possibly a little too long? 8.5/10 Church - I've seen a lot of negativity around this song, but I think it's one of the best on the album. It's got such a chill vibe through it - I can imagine listening to this on a summers day. The addition of the female vocals at the end is a great touch too. I imagine this will be a single, and I think it'd do well! 10/10 Trouble in Town - I would never, ever expect a song like this from Coldplay but this is just brilliant. It's so, so dark and I love how the song takes a heavier turn after the police sample. Such a brilliant commentary on police brutality too. 9.5/10 BrokEn - Unfortunately, gospel isn't my cup of tea so I'm not a big fan. However, objectively speaking, it isn't a bad song. 6/10 Daddy - I'm lost for words with this. I thought the title was awful, but the song sounds like it's from a child so the title fits perfectly. My dad left me when I was 5 and I haven't seen him since, and this song just reminds me of how I felt. Gut-wrenching, but this is so so good. 10/10 WOTW/POTP - This is a weird one, it's almost 'too' raw - I can barely make out the lyrics. However, in the context of the album it's quite nice 6/10 Arabesque - Ever since this came out it's been on repeat. I don't even care that the sax solo is really long, it fits perfectly. And the ending, as everyone knows, is sublime. 10/10 When I Need A Friend - I enjoy this more than BrokEn, but still a slight weaker point of the album for me. I do love the atmosphere of the song though! 7.5/10 Guns - Short but packs one hell of punch! This takes me back to the VLV demos in a very good way. Short but perfect how it is I thnk 9/10 Orphans - I loved this when it came out, probably not as much as Arabesque but it's still 'Newplay' done right. It does feel a little out of place though 8/10 Eko - Such a lovely song, I love how soft and melodic it is.. Reminds me a little bit of Strawberry Swing :) 9/10 Cry Cry Cry - Very soulful, I wasn't too keen on it at first but it's growing on me a lot! '8.5/10 Old Friends - I like it, but it's a bit similar to Eko for me so slightly forgettable. May grow on me more 7.5/10 Bani Adam - That piano is haunting and reminds me so much of Famous Old Painters. Then the drums come in and takes it to another level - brilliant. Maybe my favourite instrumental piece by them 9/10 Champion Of The World - Now THIS is what we've all been craving for! This song sounds like it's been plucked right from AROBTTH for me. And to top it off it has an epic crescendo. Amazing! 10/10 Everyday Life - A very calm and soothing ending for the album as we all know 9/10
  5. Really sorry to read that :( hope you and your family get justice. What I love about Coldplay is that their songs can speak to you in so many ways, back in 2004 my mum passed away and I always had The Scientist on repeat, it helped in so many ways
  6. So after listening to this more, it really is such a poignant reflection of the world right now, especially politically. There is so, so much suffering in the world now, with wars being waged and families being ripped apart. This is simply Coldplay pleaing for *something* to be done. With all of the hatred in politics, it seems like the world is changing. What is going to be like in 10, 20 years? I also see this line being told from the perspective of someone living in a war-torn country. Will they even be alive in the next few years? While this is obviously saying that we are all human, I think it's also a reflection on how the world at the moment is based upon lies. We're made to believe that our fellow people are the cause of our problems, when really we are being told so many lies to satisfy political agendas No matter how much anger and hatred is being stirred up, we need to carry on and love each other. No matter how dark things get, the world needs to stay united. This is probably the most important lyric to me. Everyone is made to think their fellow man is their enemy, so how can we possibly learn to believe any different? We need to be strong - this is our 'everyday life' right now, and it's easy to be dragged down into the hatred.
  7. I really think this song is amazing, and I disagree that it seems incomplete. We all love a Coldplay crescendo but really this is perfect how it is. It’s *meant* to sound subdued, and it works so well. It’s a reflective piece on the state of the world right now and its full of raw emotion. All 3 songs we’ve heard so far are so, so good - this is truly Coldplay at its finest, we’re in for a treat come the 22nd of November :)
  8. Do we have previews of the singles?! I can’t see them anywhere
  9. I’ve been three times so I’m hoping the postman has a surprise for me soon!
  10. Not sure I like the name ‘Everyday Life’ (maybe in the context of the album it’ll make sense) but I love the sunrise/sunset aspect of it. It’s all a bit confusing how the 1919 promos fit into it but I’m intrigued and of course very excited! I do worry that ‘experimental’ to Coldplay is something along the lines of the Los Unidades sound but we’ll see.
  11. Maybe it’s a little delayed? (Blind optimism)
  12. Even *if* Timbaland and co are producers, I highly doubt they’ll be producing every song. Think about songs like Lost! which have that RnB sound - it fits perfectly into what most regard as a perfect album. I’m thinking this album is going to be a real mix of styles which I love the idea of - I mean VLV even had shoegaze! Given the 1919 promos and the musical piece in the teaser, I really don’t see this being as full blown pop as AHFOD Unless Stargate get involved anyway!
  13. “So I put my violins up to the sky and feel alive” :D
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