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  1. All credits to Jacob Martin asking about Viva pedals (in a special thread here) that made a great push for me to find this breakthrough information A lot of coincidence but couldn't help but just share such observation
  2. You're very welcome! Wish that book got more recognition, it's so insightful and useful at the same time!
  3. Well, I'm not Matt to answer such questions, but I think for finding this out you might find useful this list of Viva tour equipment in roadie's book + I screenshotted Matt's answer in Oracle's section (so incredibly sad we don't have such anymore...) with everything about "Strawberry Swing"
  4. Just for the sake of correcting: that was Latvia and, maybe, I got it wrong, but she went there alone and he just met her at the airport but I don't follow stories closely in general though. What's for sure that around that time Matt surely was busy with his usual tech routine and other roadies (another Matt for sure) were there as well. And, actually, by then would make sense to do some preparations for the upcoming festival, afterall
  5. That's a good observation and, think, I've seen it like that since MX era for sure, just the thing is I took a very long breather from watching/listening big songs like that (it's a bit overplayed, even though I love it) You know, in my opinion it's fully safe to assume that's Matt who plays that part bearing in mind how he always ready to back his boss up anyway, as he admitted himself in the book. I always had an impression that Jon uses a loop pedal here, so didn't quite pay much attention to this, but here I see that it's not like that!
  6. Sure, you can try and anyway drop a letter into a mailbox, if you're there already! :) Wishing you good luck!
  7. This was in a radio interview with Guy Perryman back in 2016, it's still available here, around 8:15! :) He recommended Hampstead Heath and Pollen Street Social restaurant
  8. Can anyone, please, help with removing DRM? Then uploading would surely be possible... And, no, I can't purcahse any programme at the moment, like NoteBurner but any help or advice how to deal with that would be great...
  9. Today's morning was a really festive one filled in with many presents that were bringing me true New Year / Christmas mood! :loveshower: One of them was a lovely package from a fellow Coldplayer from London! Thank you very much, for such sweet presents, the Christmas decoration alreadyfound its place on my Christmas tree! :) And, yes, right you are, I did enjoy Everyday Life album very much, it's definitely among my top favourites so far! :sunrise::moon:
  10. Do you mean this videomessage for a fan? (don't see it on youtube anymore either, so uploaded) https://mega.nz/#!kdgjDYYD!pbS3ChZpiiK1qyN7NzXyrw8kADSVqUgfLwyTO8Rv2ic
  11. Hello everyone! I uploaded some of the recent interview in Downloads section, so if anyone's interested, please, check out! :sunrise::moon: Also would be really great to have Everyday Life era as a prefix though already!
  12. I hope that my match will receive the parcel from me because it looks like it has a failed delivery status and it worries me a bit...
  13. If you still haven't found it, newscoldplay uploaded the interview on their tumblr account (link), and as far as my vpn worked and I saw, it last exactly 3:35 on the radio's website as well!
  14. During GPASUYF/Talk mashup that was actually Jazzy (A or B - goodness knows but anyway a Jazzmaster) because of several reasons: only Jazzmasters were spotted with such swirls on both sides of the logo (mainly Vintage 60s line, think?) and you can see the guitar's headstock on MTV World Stage's performance, and also, think, Matt would list Jaguar if there were any in his book in the chapter where he talks about the Viva tour gear, instead there were 2 Vintage Jazzmasters. Other than that visually guitar pickups there look slightly broader rather than on any Jaguar and typical rod-like controller but all's not a fact that you won't find Jaguar look-alike, so trusting logo here only lol (attached some picture with the logo so it would be clear abou which swirls I'm talking)
  15. And actually how the song starts (there was a car scareeching at the beginning and here car honking) and all these jazzy+experimental elements reminded of Roxy Music's "Remake / Remodel"! Love this genius and hwo much he inspired band back then :heart:
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