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  1. I heard the album preview as well. This album sounds great, people won't be disappointed. Can't wait to hear it live in person!
  2. 1) Jimi Hendrix 2) Jimmy Page 3) The Edge 4) Eric Clapton 5) David Gilmour
  3. Haven't heard anything about it in a while. I keep checking the site to see if any news has come out. I'll let you know if I hear anything.
  4. Welcome to the board. I was at the March 20th show at Quicken Loans too. Great show.
  5. They didn't play SOS? They played What If before Talk?
  6. Maybe the reason they aren't playing HYSTW is because of so-so crowd reaction. Both times when I saw them in Washington DC and Cleveland in March, people were sitting down and didn't seem to know the song. This is just a guess. Or maybe they just got tired of playing it.
  7. I was at the Columbus show this summer and the Washington DC show a few weeks ago and I thought the Cleveland crowd had a lot more energy as well. Everyone in the house was going crazy...especially during Clocks.
  8. Parachutes: Spies Trouble Yellow AROBTTH: Clocks Warning Sign Amsterdam X&Y: Talk White Shadows Square One
  9. Parachutes: Spies Trouble Yellow AROBTTH: Clocks Warning Sign Amsterdam X&Y: Talk White Shadows Square One
  10. Marisa, Here is his setlist that someone posted in the Cleveland Setlist thread. Ashcroft's setlist 1. Keys to the World 2. Music is Power 3. Why not Nothing 4. The Science of Silence 5. Break the Night with Color 6. Lucky Man 7. Words Just get in the way 8. Bittersweet Symphony
  11. No kidding. Lucky Man was amazing.
  12. This was the third Coldplay show I went to this tour and Chris has had the rip under his arms at all shows. He uses those to cool himself. He didn't rip them because of all the running around. But he might if they weren't already cut. Like always the was amazing tonight. The crowd was into it from start to finish and was the loudest I've been apart of this tour. I'm glad the boys played What If. It's such a great song live with the song building up from start to finish. IMO much better live than X&Y. Glad to see the change. Still kind of surprised they aren't playing The Ha
  13. Nothing official has come out, but there have been some general time frame. At the Keane fan board there have been rumors of a mid may to early June release date. As for the Killers it's suppose to be sometime this fall.
  14. + Low - Twisted Logic 19 Square one 18 White shadows 11 Fix you 12 Talk 7 X & Y 15 Speed of sound 13 A message 13 Low 7 Swallowed in the sea 3 Twisted logic 11 Til kingdom come
  15. 17 Square one 2 What if 16 White shadows 10 Fix you 13 Talk 7 X & Y 13 Speed of sound 12 A message 12 Low 3 The hardest part 8 Swallowed in the sea 8 Twisted logic 8 'Til kingdom come + Low - Twisted Logic
  16. 1. U2 2. Coldplay 3. The Killers 4. Pete Yorn 5. Keane
  17. The Killers Foo Fighters or Green Day?
  18. I'm on the floor, I believe section 7
  19. No, but I'm going to the Cleveland show. Should be a great time!
  20. I'll be there too. Can't wait either. Should be an awesome show as always. This will be my 3rd time seeing Coldplay on this tour.
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