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  1. Happy Birthday to You!!!!!

  2. Yo! You ever around?

  3. Happy Birthday fellow March 31st er!

  4. 17-18 i dunno how close to the center that is who has 2nd row?? :O kidding, im pretty pleased with my third row tickets :P
  5. lol u should have seen how wet i was after the concert it was like buckets of water on us...!!!
  6. yea of course! how could i work in london without living here :S im actually looking for a new flat to move into these days cause i wasnt getting along with my roomate
  7. the fact that hes alive and healthy just makes me think about whats been going over him hes been in captivity for over 3 years now!! uchhh im really troubled by this now :cry:
  8. no doubt the chinese will take over the world my dad has been living there for the last 5 years and he's amazed by them time and time again!!
  9. working in the israeli embassy so i signed a contract for 2 years, but technically i can leave if i really want to right now im really liking it!! although it's been hard settling in, especially when im all by myself for the first time in my life
  10. the picture of dorian gray after seeing the movie i had to read the book.. i love all the theories.
  11. i think many coldplayers really like hugh laurie because he and chris martin kind of resemble each other!!! i love hugh laurie too :D
  12. i dunno... they probably cleaned him up for the video his voice is shaking.. i cant watch this it's so horrible i wish they would release him already :/
  13. hello everyone i havent been on this forum forever but i wanted to say that i saw snow patrol in chelmsfod, v festival, headlining the V stage anf they were absoloutetly AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amzing amazing amazing!!! indescribable and ive got 3rd row tickets to see them in royal albert hall in november :P
  14. i cant believe its been 2 weeks already!! it was so much fun!!!!! i have a couple of great videos, they're up on facebook... and some pics i like this one: i have a bunch more but since we were on the side platform these are the ones when they were really close
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