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  1. wow, that's more than a little exciting. wonder if there will be a way to get a recording of that or something. totally random, but im listening to Daylight rn and I hope that gets redone sometime. feels like such a needed song after staying inside for the entire last year lol
  2. No problem! Just logged in from my mobile device, and it is working great. And i can confirm it works with other services (not just google authenticator) as i'm using a similar free/open source service called andOTP. thanks again :)
  3. Oh! thanks so much. Sorry, I couldn't find that in settings *facepalm*
  4. I couldn't think of where to post this. I have some feedback, and I couldnt find a feedback page. I'd love to see some sort of two factor authentication integration into the site. A few days ago my password got breached in a data breach, and I used the same password for everything. So now I'm changing all of my passwords, and putting two-factor auth on anything I can. I know it wouldn't be very necessary, but It would be a bummer to get your Coldplaying account hacked, with all the information that is on it and the damage that could be done (sh*tposing, etc.) just a thought.
  5. Oh, gosh. Im sorry I forgot to credit you. I'll append the origonal post now. Sorry about that, I did download the songs, and I really enjoy them. Thanks again.
  6. Yes, the original leak is still on youtube. Not encouraging downloading unreleased songs from the internet but... https://tieba.baidu.com/p/6040109748 its missing a lot of stuff but I downloaded the content and listen to it with the rest of my coldplay playlist. i got it from this forum actually, and my favorite unreleased song is Ladder To The Sun (as you can tell from my pfp i have a soft spot for x&y) closely followed by bloodless revolution. Edit: Full credit for the unreleased songs linked here goes to Admirice. Big thanks to them for gathering and sharing all these amazing resou
  7. Yeah I kind of expected as much due to the fact that I see fan pages in general quickly decreasing in numbers. I still love to visit coldplaying for my coldplay news and have other people to chat with bc no one else I know listens to coldplay.
  8. Life in technicolor vs Life in technicolor ii
  9. "And in all of time, and in all of space, only you make my heart race" (The Race) v.s "So you don't know where you're going but you wanna talk" (Talk)
  10. Just found this website today from surfing youtube for old tapes of Coldplay's first few performances. I found a really good channel called coldplaychronology. Today I'm taking a trip down nostalgia lane and listening to all their pre-parachutes stuff. A bit about me: I'm a teenager from the USA, I love coldplay and they are literally all ive listened to for the past month. I also compete in roller figure skating (look it up its awesome,) and I love to bake. The other day I made some amazing carrot cake. Here's a bit about my taste in coldplay Favorite albums in order: X&Y, AROBT
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