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  1. The album could be out soon. They will be headliners next year at Glastonbury. Quote from the article: Coldplay will bring the 2016 Glasto weekend to a close with a Sunday night Pyramid Stage set including songs from new album A Head Full Of Dreams and their back catalogue. https://twitter.com/ColdplayAtlas/status/654219556605571072 http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/bizarre/6690360/Coldplay-headline-act-at-Glastonbury-for-fourth-time.html
  2. Did somebody record the entire show? If so, can somebody please share it.
  3. I watched the interview and I copied down the track listing. 1. O (Part 2) 2. The Race (Unreleased?) 3. Another’s Arms 4. Atlas 5. True Love 6. Ghost Stories 7. Oceans 8. Tomorrow (World Without You) (Unreleased?) 9. Fly On I hope we get to hear them too.
  4. See post #20. I redid my post about the track listing.
  5. I just watched the Making of Ghost Stories Interview and they showed a rough draft track listing of Ghost Stories and it contain two unreleased tracks as well. Here is my alternate track listing based off that track listing. 1. O (Reprise) 2. The Race (Unreleased) 3. Another’s Arms 4. Atlas 5. True Love 6. Ghost Story 7. Oceans 8. Tomorrow (World Without You) (Unreleased) 9. Fly On This rough draft version included Atlas, Ghost Story and O (Reprise). Always In My Head, Magic, Ink, Midnight, A Sky Full Of Stars were not included on that track listing at the time.
  6. This video contains content from WMG and NBCU_Shows, one or more of whom have blocked it on copyright grounds.
  7. The Another's Arms/Oceans/A Sky Full of Stars video is blocked.
  8. Could O (Reprise) be a hidden track? Then it would make sense as a three part song. Have the two parts first then followed by a hidden (Reprise) part.
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