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  1. I really don't like heart on fire... Btw could someone please DM me the race? It's not anywhere i can find.
  2. I don't like the idea of a Greatest Hits album. They have such a deep discography and nobody knows about their best songs, only the pop ones. Making a Greatest Hits album would just cover up their good songs more. I hope they go with @Shiver98s theory, but it's all up to the band. But i hope they release new music soon. Everyday Life has been the only album i've lived through (I started listening to them seriously in around 2018) and now i know how hard it is to wait for a new release😅
  3. Never gonna give you up (Rick Astley made this song and he is close with the members of A-ha, and A-ha was one of Chris Martin's biggest influences) wait... this isn't relate everything back to coldplay game!
  4. I dont know if im late, but Queensland, Australia (Im not Aussie i just live here) and Prospekts Match
  5. So Coldplay recently released the full album live in Jordan in one whole Youtube video, but the views on it are hidden (the like/dislike bar still is). Why do you think this is?
  6. The more buckland, the better. (im working on the synth/piano part for up and up cover now...)
  7. Baby shark is a song and coldplay also makes songs so this is acceptable
  8. oops, forgot about that 😅 . Jay-Z is an alternative for z since he rapped in Lost!+ (i also just realised that Xyloto is for X too...)
  9. X&Y (i think thats the only coldplay thing starting with x...)
  10. Hey guys, so i don't know if all of you know about this but there us a channel called[ Jo Zeeland and he is making VERY accurate guitar covers/tutorials for almost every everyday life guitar song. they have the correct tunings (even when the booklet says the wrong ones) and capo placements. Here is the video for Arabesque (theres also videos for orphans, cotw, WOTW/POTP, old friends and more): Also, i'm having a problem with the main riff. when he plays it, he does it with a pick so he can quickly move to the chords. I can play the riff with fingerpicking, but doesnt sound as n
  11. Up in FLAMES we have slowly gone
  12. I've tried the capo 2 version on ultimate guitar and it's okay... for some reason all the versions (even the alternate tuning one) dont sound like the studio mix does. It sounds like chris removed al the high eq from the guitar track. Im anyway getting a acoustic guitar soon with pickup so i'll try that. Thanks for the help!
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