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  1. Anybody know the song being played at the very beginning of the clip? Sounds kind of like a bit of Poppyfields but as far as I know it sounds different from anything they've ever made. I think it sounds pretty nice!
  2. Bruh just because it's your opinion doesn't mean that it's going to come true. Hence the word opinion. I don't get why you want me to stop because my opinion won't stop any collaborations. Obviously I'm not that powerful. Take note, you're also saying the word "will" - anything you say isn't certain to happen on the album, so it would be more helpful and less confusing to say "I think it will happen" not "will happen". Not trying to start an argument, just trying to prove my point.
  3. A collaboration I would love though is Brian Eno. Literally brought out the best in them during Viva and (somewhat) during MX and his fingerprints are all over some of their best songs outside the era (White Shadows, Aliens, Arabesque). Given his experience with ambience especially with works like An Ending (Ascent) I think he'd do wonders with MOTS. It's also worth noting that many of the clues and little snippets revolving around space and even the phrase "Music of the Spheres" from Matt McGinn's book point to an era sometime around 2009-2011, where they scrapped many album ideas and e
  4. doesn't matter if I'm new to this site because I've been a Coldplay fan since 2009. You're right, we'll just wait and see what happens, but to say he WILL return and that they ARE collaborating is nothing short of fantasy until we get substantial evidence.
  5. look just cause it's your opinion doesn't mean it should and will happen, okay? Tons of fans want Coldplay to return to their roots, work with Ken Nelson, or bring back Brian Eno but that doesn't necessarily mean it WILL happen just because its our opinion that it will.
  6. I'm sorry but I just don't see it happening? Just because Future Nostalgia had a "space theme" and MOTS has a space "theme" doesn't mean that she's going to collaborate outright. If you ask me I'd put my money on the album having a Brian Eno influence based on all the evidence and clues I've seen.
  7. just my opinion but I don't think Dua Lipa or any other big collaborators will join them for MOTS - and I think it's for the better. Sometimes the collaborators can hinder a song's greatness or change the song entirely. What I'd love though is the type of collaborations on Viva or Everyday Life, where an expert in the field or a much less famous person contributes something meaningful to the band. Everyday Life had Jacob Collier contributing his signature layered vocals and production on Church, Cry Cry Cry, and Everyday Life, Norah Shaqur's beautiful and haunting voice on Church and Bani Adam
  8. even if the other band members don't join, Chris'll still steal the show by himself. Coldplay live would sweep the board against all the other acts, though.
  9. yup, he also posted a story of "Blackbird" a while back! Dude just likes listening to good music, I guess.
  10. Angel Lopez was an assistant producer for EL, right? Might just be listening to good music but both this and Violet Hill from the same album? It might be him listening to older Brian Eno/Coldplay songs, maybe a sign of the new album? He also posted Blackbird on his stories too, so I don't know.
  11. Somewhere in this video (forgot what timestamp it was and too lazy to check) but Chris jokes about an orchestra that they got to play for the songs. It's possible that maybe the orchestra he talked about, that accompanied them all throughout the Everyday Life "tour" could also be the Orchestra of Silencia for the supposed Mylo Sequel? A huge orchestral album would be so good, a return to Viva, but instead of European medieval themes it's a majestic space odyssey.
  12. Amen. Wasn't here for the EL hype but I vividly remember the hype on the discord and subreddit, including Kirboh's "leaked" tracklist featuring Conscious Pilot and a supposed Daft Punk collab. The forum isn't as active right now, but when they formally announce MOTS it's gonna blow up!
  13. yup, they (and their fans) seem to have a fascination with 42.
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