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  1. My issue with X&Y is that the songs by themselves are amazing. The melodies and instrumentation from songs like Swallowed in the Sea, White Shadows, Low, Twisted Logic, etc. are some of the best they've ever made. But listening to it an album, the flaws become apparent because each song, while great, is admittedly a bit formulaic. Each song barring some like the closing track basically follows a structure like intro -> first chorus -> first verse -> bigger second chorus -> quiet bridge -> guitar solo/thrashing cimax -> final chorus, this time more stripped down. And each
  2. There's actually a radio edit but it sounds awful - or at least, as awful as a 3-minute-long Coloratura would sound.
  3. This is painful... DLIBYH vs Daylight
  4. It's probably an album with new material but imagine if we get the best unreleased tracks of each era: Harmless A View From the Top Moses Sweet Marianne Solid Ground Bloodless Revolution St. Stephen The Fall of Man Spanish Rain Famous Old Painters Car Kids Love in a Lethal Dose The Race World Without You Life is Beautiful
  5. IMO Everyday Life is already a great album, but take away the "filler tracks" and you have an absolutely brilliant record. SIDE 1 Sunrise Church Trouble in Town Daddy Arabesque When I Need a Friend SIDE 2 Orphans Eko Flags Bani Adam Champion of the World Everyday Life Then release an acoustic/stripped back EP: ACOUSTIC EP BrokEn Cry Cry Cry Old Friends WOTW/POTP (longer version) Champion of the World (acoustic) Everyday Life (acoustic)
  6. Human Heart vs When I Need a Friend
  7. Only asking but are you the one who manages @cponcharts on twitter? Just a hunch.
  8. This data might mean something about their popularity (they're seen as more of a legacy act now) but people have to realize that the days of huge pure album sales are over - streaming is more popular now. MOTS had the highest first-week sales of any album in the past two years - guess what they beat out? Their previous LP as well as an Ed Sheeran album. MOTS is the fastest selling album of 2021 in the UK, and while the US has lost interest a bit in the band, the artists with more streams and records are primarily American solo artists in an age of dying bands. Coldplay albums have topped the U
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