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  1. yup, he also posted a story of "Blackbird" a while back! Dude just likes listening to good music, I guess.
  2. Angel Lopez was an assistant producer for EL, right? Might just be listening to good music but both this and Violet Hill from the same album? It might be him listening to older Brian Eno/Coldplay songs, maybe a sign of the new album? He also posted Blackbird on his stories too, so I don't know.
  3. Somewhere in this video (forgot what timestamp it was and too lazy to check) but Chris jokes about an orchestra that they got to play for the songs. It's possible that maybe the orchestra he talked about, that accompanied them all throughout the Everyday Life "tour" could also be the Orchestra of Silencia for the supposed Mylo Sequel? A huge orchestral album would be so good, a return to Viva, but instead of European medieval themes it's a majestic space odyssey.
  4. Amen. Wasn't here for the EL hype but I vividly remember the hype on the discord and subreddit, including Kirboh's "leaked" tracklist featuring Conscious Pilot and a supposed Daft Punk collab. The forum isn't as active right now, but when they formally announce MOTS it's gonna blow up!
  5. yup, they (and their fans) seem to have a fascination with 42.
  6. not only that, look at how many seconds are left on the right-hand side...
  7. I don't know, but I feel really optimistic for the upcoming album. Maybe it's just the album hype, but the possibilities of Brian Eno having a say in this really have me hoping for the best. It might just be a generic pop album like AHFOD, but I don't think the term Music of the Spheres came out of nowhere. It seems like a concept that the band could build on and an interesting one that they could explore in the album. If they'd wanted to create a generic pop album but space-themed they could have given it another name, but that weird name from 2010 - Music of the Spheres - still stuck ar
  8. Yeah, especially since Brazil's one of the COVID hotspots. But at least it's a sign of new music coming out soon!
  9. According to Music Journalist José Norberto Flesch, Coldplay will be one of the acts performing at Rock in Rio 2021. He's a very reputable Music Source and previously predicted their Rio de Janeiro shows back in 2017. His tweet found here: He also posted a video. Can anyone translate the Portuguese into English? Thanks! To me this is one of the clearest signs of new music coming out soon! The Rock in Rio festival takes place in the latter half of 2021.
  10. don't forget that each Coldplay album has the title track, so it's safe to say that one of the tracks will probably be Music of the Spheres, so a possible tracklisting could be: - The Race - Us Against the World - Rescue St. - UFO - Music of the Spheres Also interesting to see where stuff like Mylo and Viva Deportes would be. In Chris' notebook it also mentions other songs like Lela, Car Kids, and Rex.
  11. Yup, that's where I found it! Also really interested with the Mylo Xyloto comics since the rumours about MOTS circulate about a sort of "sequel" to MX. Been browsing the Coldplay timeline and Roade 42's blogs, but haven't found anything yet. To me, this is at least another signal that they've continuously been working on songs like this for quite some time, rewriting the lyrics and everything. I'm also hopeful for more Brian Eno stuff on the album because they've been referencing him a lot recently (A L I E N S and Arabesque were created during the Eno sessions, and BrokE
  12. Actually an interesting point is that I read somewhere (I forgot where though) about a sort of "Mylo Xyloto 2", where the band would utilize this huge orchestra Viva La Vida style and the name of the orchestra was the Orchestra of Silencia. Given that the new album might be a continuation of Mylo's themes, it may yet come true.
  13. Actually yeah, that was my theory as well, and for me it fits more of what they were going for post-Viva but pre-Mylo and pre-Wedding Album because it follows a similar story-telling pattern that was found in Viva - the stories of refugees and war-torn families, especially, with Orphans, Moving to Mars, and A L I E N S. Now comes another part of my theory. I also think that this predated Mylo by quite some bit (and therefore matches the solar system they asked them to build) because Jonny supposedly mentioned in this article (however, the article doesn't mention it, I looked on Wikipedia
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