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  1. also I'd say that the leaked version (which is the demo) is much better than SJLT, and the final version sounds much more improved and polished.
  2. Death and All His Friends vs God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
  3. I hope we're in for another Don't Let it Break Your Heart - they haven't done those types of songs in a while
  4. We don't even know if Infinity Sign is an instrumental or not, so I think it would be more along the lines of: - Music of the Spheres - Color Spectrum - God = Love - Ode to Deodorant
  5. Probably Higher Power, Viva La Vida, A Sky Full of Stars, Fix You Although the band know we all want the setlist to be: Higher Power Higher Power (Tiesto Remix) Higher Power (Acoustic Version) Higher Power (ZHU Remix)
  6. Charlie Brown vs Hurts Like Heaven
  7. Coloratura is probably one of the best songs they've ever done, but IMO no Coldplay song beats Clocks. Clocks vs The Scientist
  8. I wouldn't say its slander, but even though I like this song it has a lot of the trademark complaints people made about 2000s Coldplay: high Chris Martin falsettos, really slow tempos, predominant use of the piano, honest lyrics that aren't complex, etc. Like how most people still see (and hate) Coldplay as a boring, whiny band with basic lyrics that only uses piano in really slow songs. I still really like Proof, though. Second best X&Y b-side after Gravity, which is one of their best.
  9. Glass of Water vs Don't Let it Break Your Heart
  10. Didn't he produce it though? It's in the credits of the song anyway, so stop pretending that he didn't. Obviously his main goal is to make pop songs but stop pretending that he didn't have anything to do with this. Excellent production all around, even Higher Power had better production than most of their other poppy stuff.
  11. Thought you guys might want to read this. I don't know anything about music theory at all, but it's good to see the band getting recognition from actual Emmy-winning composers and other people of that nature. Check it out! https://www.stereogum.com/2156845/coldplay-coloratura-music-theory/columns/in-theory/
  12. 1. In My Place 2. Church 3. Shiver 4. Birds 5. Cemeteries of London 6. Magic 7. Paradise 8. What If TBD: Humankind I usually don't count transition tracks as part, so MX/HLH and MOTS/HP are one track.
  13. Hi! You can PM other people by going to their account page and clicking the purple button "message". If you want to find downloads like audio/interviews/concerts/stems then you can click the Downloads section in the top section.
  14. I don't think views are everything in determining the quality of a song. Some of the band's best songs/music videos are their least viewed and least listened to, and that doesn't take away from it's quality - maybe it's just what people prefer (I also prefer Ink over Everglow Live, but I don't mind about it having more views). If the BTS collaboration gets more views that Violet Hill/Trouble in Town/Shiver, I don't think its much of a bad thing. Plus, unlisting it would mean that it will probably vanish from YouTube due to their new rules being implemented.
  15. First bolded Coldplay song since Clocks! Although hopefully Strawberry Swing gets bolded as well. Though its rating is the highest among any Coldplay song there, there's still people giving it 0.5-2 stars purely out of the fact that it's Coldplay.
  16. Interesting, because if it's a hidden track as some are speculating, none of the remaining tracks have the length needed for a hidden track, and the one that does we've already heard. But I do think it might be a hidden track, so how could they pull that off? If they manage to hide it completely from the tracklist and only include it when you play the album in full on release day, I'll be very impressed. Also, please let it be THE RACE!
  17. Agree! I don't think TKC functions well as an album closer and Twisted Logic is a much better closing song.
  18. Openers: Politik Mylo Xyloto/Hurts Like Heaven Square One A Head Full of Dreams Don't Panic Life in Technicolor Sunrise Music of the Spheres/Higher Power Always in My Head Closers: Death and All His Friends/The Escapist Coloratura Amsterdam Everyday Life Everything's Not Lost/Life is for Living Up&Up O/Fly On Up With the Birds Til Kingdom Come Through making this I've just realized how good their album openers/closers are, especially their closers. Up With the Birds is second l
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