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  1. I know many here are complaining about Jonny's guitar being too underutilized in the song - and it's true - but he's not totally absent. There are little nuggets and guitar licks throughout the song's opening choruses and verses and even it does sound rather unrecognizable due to the effects on the guitar there's no mistaking the guitar in the final chorus - which arguably should have been there the entire time, to be honest. Overall my thoughts on the song are rather mixed - yes, it's a tad bit generic and in line with the resurgence of 80s' synthpop throughout the past 5/6 yea
  2. I don't know why but I have a sneaky feeling we're going to see Brian Eno and Jon Hopkins on this record, even if Max Martin's heavily involved. Space is their "thing" and the concept originated with Eno so I wouldn't be surprised if he had at least a small role in all of this.
  3. seriously? This is quite an ignorant post tbh. They're not confident to tour EL because 1. it's not an album to tour with - only songs like Orphans, Arabesque, Champion of the World, and Trouble in Town are fit to play in huge arenas and stadiums - not the delicate melodies of Daddy, Eko, Old Friends, or Cry Cry Cry, and 2. because they hadn't figured out how to be more sustainable when touring. Of course they'd like to make a comeback after their more stripped-down album and now that they've figured out how to tour better they will. Secondly, how on earth can anyone accuse them of sellin
  4. Jacob Collier/Brian Eno/Jon Hopkins. Please.
  5. this is a great album! I'd love a song like this as well, with U2/30 Seconds to Mars guitar effects!
  6. Nice! Any idea about which flag was voted to be sent to Glastonbury? IIRC there was a poll containing other flags and the winning design would be chosen.
  7. Lmao people jumping at expectations that this is going to be AHFOD 2.0 where they sell out - that's not going to happen. Max Martin is likely a one-off producer for the hit single because he doesn't really do albums, just hits. This concept was in the works since 2009, the post-Viva era - guess which other album was in the works by then? Everyday Life. There's a chance that Jon Hopkins might be coming back, as well as Brian Eno. There's a chance that the talented Jacob Collier might be on it - if so, then we're in for a great album. Also, this is pretty inaccurate. The band creates wh
  8. I think it's because of Max Martin's role in the song. We know he's still working because the photos he's shared on instagram hint at him working in the studio. I think it's just for this particular song.
  9. I agree - let's not assume the quality of a song based on the first 15 seconds. Let's also not assume the quality of an album based off of 15 seconds of one of its songs! IMO Max Martin's probably just helped with one to two singles here and - since they're singles - they're bound to be the poppiest on the record. In case anyone's worried, Jon Hopkins might come back. Jacob Collier might help with some of the songs. The Dream Team, though not mentioned in the liner notes, are probably going to come back. Brian Eno might have a few says in this. I personally think the single's okay as it
  10. It seems like he's painted a planet (whatever that thing is) onto his wrist. Jonny's guitar looks so cool as well! Plus the Mylo Spray paint is back!
  11. ICMYI the performance yesterday is rumoured to be a rehearsal as Coldplay are supposedly the opening act for the BRITs on May 11th! New set designs and some great clothes as well! (Article here)
  12. I don't think there's been a long list of writers apart from the four of them - the single cover lists Max Martin, Denise Carite of the love choir, and Fede Vindver (who co-produced COTW, Church, Orphans, and Everyday Life. It might be poppy but I think it'll be much better than some of their poppier singles given the lack of Stargate production, the introduction of a choir, and a more ambitious album. I could be wrong, though.
  13. Matt McGinn (Jonny's roadie iirc) published a book in 2011 called Roadie: My Life on the Road with Coldplay. It covers most of his time with Coldplay (from X&Y or AROBTTH onwards), up until recording past Viva La Vida. One of the pages in the book contains a reference to Brian Eno and the Music of the Spheres. You can find the line yourself here: https://books.google.com.ph/books?id=3k4mEAAAQBAJ&pg=PT97&lpg=PT97&dq=an+insanely+overcapable+piece+of+high-end+silliness+that+probably+contains+the+secret+answer+to+the+Music+of+the+Spheres&source=bl&ots=iOpYCDCw0Y&si
  14. IMO this is probably the most reasonable theory. Even though the single's poppy and Max Martin's producing it, the marketing, themes, concepts, and planning for this seem so much more ambitious than anything since Mylo. The entire set-up of codes, alphabets, radio stations, etc. just screams a more ambitious (maybe not as experimental as EL) album. Not to mention that the term Music of the Spheres appeared way back in 2010 - the same time A L I E N S and Moving to Mars were written.
  15. IMO this song is part of the album but it'll be the only song produced by Max Martin - just like how Stargate worked on Church on EL. Let's not forget that Max Martin also did the production on both Orphans (an alright song) and Champion of the World (a fantastic song). There was news a year ago about Chris heading to Max Martin's studio in Sweden (which I presume was for the song) so I can assume that they only had him produce the lead single (if this is the lead single). I think he will wield some influence over the song but generally he's a very versatile producer who works to the
  16. yup, they're definitely prepping their spotify for the album. I spotted a Twitter user a few days ago saying that they also stopped highlighting their singles playlist on their front page - something's definitely coming up really soon.
  17. true, those are also space-y songs. In hindsight I may have forgotten a few more as well. But neither X&Y nor Mylo are explicit space albums. That's the message I was trying to get across.
  18. This! Coldplay have always had this fascination with space that hasn't directly translated to an album - X&Y was spacey rock but didn't have any other references to space aside from Twisted Logic, Square One, and X&Y. Mylo had a similar feel, but never directly referenced space aside from Moving to Mars. What's odd is that, given that Eno is one of the greatest ambient artists ever and has done spacey songs like Ending (An Ascent), it seemed only a matter of time before Coldplay took the same route - which we saw on Moving to Mars and Aliens. My dream is still for a bunch of these
  19. With the discovery of Alien Radio, I can't help but think of two other songs - strangely, it's these two songs that belong to that group of pre-Mylo songs that were allegedly part of the space rock album before Mylo, two songs that share similar lyrical themes of escape and refugees. Aliens has the lyric "Diamonds ate the radio" Moving to Mars has the lyric "and I heard it on the radio" This raises the question - why would you include a radio reference that seems to jump out of nowhere? I don't know what the MTM lyric means but the Aliens lyric seems so random that it has to be
  20. This is why I hate being Asian, because of course the news comes out about LP9 while I'm asleep and now I have to scroll back for 5 pages! (Joking of course)
  21. Don't know if anyone noticed (@gotmyrecordson on Twitter did though) but after a few months of pinning their "Singles" playlist to the front of their Spotify page it's suddenly not there anymore. Is it there for anyone else? They might begin promotion for LP9 soon if that's the case.
  22. that's my thinking as well, especially since MOTS dates back to the Viva days.
  23. not for me, thank you very much. You can like Dua Lipa all you like, I'm not stopping you, but there's such a stylistic divide between Dua Lipa and BTS from Coldplay that these collabs just come off as... yech.
  24. watch this thread explode when they finally announce something lmao
  25. Anybody know the song being played at the very beginning of the clip? Sounds kind of like a bit of Poppyfields but as far as I know it sounds different from anything they've ever made. I think it sounds pretty nice!
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