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  1. I doubt they will be doing that many shows in uk...
  2. Having the same situation as I live in Finland. But as I have so many other concerts next summer, I think I cannot afford a trip to berlin or belgium or poland. I just really have to hope that they would tour denmark, norway, sweden and finland and maybe even the baltics. They coukd even make it very sustainable as they could travel on the road and from sweden to finland they could use the new Viking Glory ferry which is the most sustaineble ferry in the world, that would also bring good reputation for the band. (sorry if my english isnt correct:D)
  3. There is lots of space between paris and brussels concerts, I hope that there will be a nordic countries leg, lots of fans here and they could finally visit Finland.
  4. I have never felt so emotional, it is fucking beautiful, every part of it. My heart bursted when the guitar solo kicked in, i knew it was coming, thank you jonnyboi.
  5. Do you think they will do a big stadium tour or a theatre tour. At first i was sure it would be an theater tour, but this album seems like it's going to be a big one and it's heavily promoted.
  6. Okay so as a native finnish speaker the carousel story sounds to me like lyrics of one of the upcoming songs. The story has many repeated words and story sounds just like it could be coldplay themed. What do you think?
  7. Hey guys! I am starting a new Coldplay tribute band here in Finland and cos the band needs a name, i tought I should ask you some suggestions. I feel like every other name has been taken.🙄
  8. Hey! I`m starting a Coldplay tribute band and im gonna play the songs on a backing track for synths. Many of the stem links are dead so if someone would share the links for me in pm or email or in public i would be so thankful. And sry for my bad english.
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