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  1. If it IS sushi my final guess is Lovers in Japan!
  2. I'm want to pretend that sausage looks like sushi and go for Chinese Sleep Chant, but I have a feeling that it's wrong. That sausage-thing doesn't quite look like a strawberry either. So no Strawberry Swing. So my guess is their cover of "Lips like sugar". 😄
  3. Oh they are going to play Magic? 😮 I think Music of the spheres is that intro we've already heard.
  4. I love Travis! Favorite album is The Invisible Band, but have a weak spot for 12 Memories. Favorite songs: Turn and The Humpty Dumpty Love Song Favorite lyric: "Time exist just on your wrist so don't panic"
  5. I'm pretty new here so thought I'd introduce myself. I've loved Coldplay for 15 years or so, but not been active on this forum. My name is Alex and my favorite album is Viva 😊 Take care and stay safe! Edit: I'm from Sweden 🇸🇪
  6. Yeah I find it strange to send them to random people whoever is doing the advertising 😅
  7. Music Of The Spheres Alien Radio Higher Power UFO Kaotica (Why not?) Mylo Universe Girl Us Against The World 2 UFO Human Heart Hmm
  8. I think we'll have to wait and see. Like the voice says when you call the number on the postcards: "There is something weird going on here".
  9. Yeah. Personally I think the postcards are a bit far-fetched to come from Coldplay. I feel that people should be able to solve more of if it was related to Music Of The Spheres. If they haven't gone totally x-files with their clues 😂 It's interesting stuff though.
  10. Sorry for spamming but my guess is that the postcards together make some sort of astrological chart, kind of like this, even though I'm not sure about all the symbols. Are they marking out some kind of happening, or a date when all of this occur? The picture is totally random, only to show a bit how I'm thinking.
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