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  1. happy birthday have a great one best wishes :)

  2. Ohh, those are your videos! I didn't realise that; thanks for sharing them, no matter the quality. I've been watching Falling Down all the time this past week. It's always been one of my favourite Travis songs and I still can't believe I finally got to hear them play it, I feel so lucky. (Even though it killed me a bit live; yup, admittedly, I got 'a tad emotional' =p)
  3. They decided to leave their "security blankets" at home for the five club shows they played in February ;) If you don't mind me joining the REM discussion for sec... Michael Stipe is one of my ultimate heroes and has been for a long time - for all kinds of reasons. I had the pleasure of meeting him and I think he's a really amazing person. & I also think they put on a fantastic live show. They are so damn well attuned and make it so very clear from the beginning that they know one hundred per cent what they're doing. I was enormously impressed by their performance and think hardly a
  4. Jonny used the expression "fantastic pop diva"? ...Really?
  5. Jeez, I've missed 25 pages of this, but damn...I'M IN! :P What a cool idea, you guys; I love it already =)
  6. angelikaaaa...bist du noch da, irgendwo? würd so gern wieder mal mit dir quatschen ;p warst du in der stadthalle?!

  7. Dankeee, downloading right now! It's nice to have more Austrian fans around for a change. =)
  8. I just watched that Scientist vid from Zurich, and the few lines Chris let Will sing on his own? Jeeez. ♥
  9. It really, really is. Too bad they never brought it back.
  10. Dude, it's not! I was there too, let's found a CLUB! XD By the way, I'm somewhat surprised by the fact that they didn't play 'Reign Of Love'? I could've sworn they did, but what do I know...my memory and I are separated by a thick haze of emotions and multicoloured butterflies. Never trust your post-gig memory! Random, but: How insanely cool are they for blasting the Donauwalzer (The Blue Danube) before coming on? People loved it.
  11. ICH! so sehr, dass es nimma witzig ist... besonders bei dem gedanken, dass sie nur zwei stunden entfernt sind. :/
  12. =D Sarah! I knooow, I really do. I only just got home from Vienna, though, literally. ;) But I'll make up for it this weekend!
  13. Now...this was utterly incredible. It's Friday and I'm still pretty much at a loss of words.
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