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  1. 1st - the flaming lips 2nd - interpol 3rd - the zutons 4th - sigur ros
  2. i still cant believe this is happening we all expected it...its been brewing for so long...but when it happened, it was still a shock.
  3. So Coldplay announced no big day out this year, however... the tour they have announced this for next year is basically the same time of year that they played here in 2003... so... will Coldplay make another appearance at the splendour in the grass, possibly to headline? THINK ABOUT THAT!!!
  4. Personally, X&Y and Twisted Logic are probably my two favourite tracks on the album, so im hoping they decide to play them in sydney if they dont start playing them soon, i might hav to make a petition! ...petitions hav caused to work well with australia and coldplay!
  5. So heres my observation... Coldplay is on their 'Twisted Logic' tour... However, they havn't played this song live yet? Is this a coincidence, or is this 'Twisted Logic'?
  6. it wont be ashcroft... overseas artists in australia have local support. im not sure if thats actually a rule for touring artists if ashcroft was supporting, then it would either mean it is an extreme rarity or they had two supports
  7. Free tickets? ...Yes i am spewing, and its not a pretty sight. It has chunks of envy mc_squared, u hav a fresh sense of humour! however, coming from me, that may not be a complitment... but if you nurish it and feed it, it shall grow into the most beautiful duckling in the pond
  8. hahaha thats one crazy cat...wont get much crazier than that...or any more cat-like Both nights? lucky devil. thats the best cure for mondayitis ive ever heard...and if there is a disease for tuesdays i guess u just created some shot for that too. p.s. i bet uve been wanting to use that cat picture for that situation for a while...im glad i let that 'cat out of the bag'... i apologise...that was a really crappy joke ...but hay, it is a party! and ive got my ticket so i dont care!
  9. Im heading off to the tuesday, cause my net was screwing up for the first concert ill be on the floor...which crazy cats will i be standing with?
  10. thankyou alreadyfixed! so many people take swipes at shane and im sick of it! he is an amazing cricketer, possibly the best bowler ever to play the game. he did some stupid things but the media has exploited the hell out of them, and only the worse sides of him ...lets not forget chris' run in with the media 2 years ago in Aust!
  11. this takes me back...the english praying for rain
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