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  1. lilchick, To say U2 does not have a unique voice. Care to share who he sounds like. Because his voice is very unique in my opinion and I think many U2 fans would tell you the same. And you don't have to be a U2 fan to know that his voice is not sounding like anyone else's. Sometimes a unique voice gets allot of negative attention. Or should I say many people who will say they can't stand their music. That happens with singers who have unique voices. They know very well they are not going to amuse everyone in the world. Isn't it funny how Bono, Chris and Dylan all get that same attention. Pe
  2. Ra-d, Thanks for the response. As for my favorite U2 album, it would have to be Joshua Tree. That album is amazing. And I think Bono and his band are just genius. Same as Coldplay their newest album is in my own personal opinion their best. Kevin
  3. Bands like U2 or Coldplay would not exist as they do if it wasn't for must artist before them. Maybe they would exist with a different style from a different influence, which would give us a different sound and lyrics. But if you look deeply into music before them. They are very much a link in a chain that started back with Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan and other folk and country singers. Some of you may be to young and won't recall much of the music before U2 and Coldplay. But some of you older people out there may recall Woody Guthrie or Bob Dylan. The link I clearly see is Woody Guthrie, Bob
  4. Bono and Chris Martin have both admited that Bob Dylan was an influence in their music. Which is very obvious when you hear the similarities of "changes in voice" and how sound goes along with the lyrics. Also poetry is used. Music history is showing that this style of sound and lyrics all come from Woody Guthrie and other folk and country singers. Maybe some people will say they like Coldplay but not U2, or say they don't like Bob Dylan or U2, but they like Coldplay. That is expected. The sound may be different, however, there is a similarity in how sound is used with lyrics. Read Woody Guthr
  5. Bob Dylan - No Direction Home Does anyone have an article, or source of where I could find where Chris Martin admits his music was influenced by Bob Dylan. I'm almost sure that I read it somewhere before. May have been The Rolling Stone, but could be wrong. If he did influence him. And you believe it did. I recommend you watch "Bob Dylan - No Direction Home". I think even Bono had also admited that Bob Dylan influenced their music. For Bono it was especially the voice, but its clear his lyrics have to be influenced by Bob Dylan. What a documentary. Kevin
  6. sure go ahead. I thought this was it. but sure.
  7. Is Bob Dylan Mystical........... I have a feeling I'm going to get some responses that are not very friendly towards Bob Dylan. I know some people can't stand his music. Some unexplained thing how one likes or dislikes a song. But anyways yah I expect some negative responses. But is there anyone who could agree with me? Or at least see maybe the possibility. Of Bob Dylan being mystical. I think Chris Martin had said similiar things about his music. Although I could be mistaken. I guess I could give you the link to an interview on CBS that aired back on December 4, 2004. Let me know w
  8. I didn't mean to get political either. But I just feel the people behind all 9/11, would love if we continue to reflect on this without asking questions. The questions have to be asked. Its 4 years and many of the same questions are never answered. And this Republican party continue to gives lies. They started with the took of labeling anyone who oppose them was anti-american, now their using this strategy that anyone who oppose them are Liberal and evil. Its basically some of the same techniques Liberals have used for decades towards them. So what do you expect. These people died because
  9. The strongest memory from that day for me, is screaming at the TV like I could maybe control what was happening in some way. I didn't know how else to react as I watched evil from the comfort of my home. I just didn't know. Kevin
  10. lilchick, Where is bin ladden? Well there's one of those questions I was talking about. The type of question in a matter of a thought, I'm considered anti-american or Liberal. These people who do this, don't even take more then one thought from their narrow mind to understand what I'm asking. That's narrow minds for you. A label is easier then thinking. It's the "small mind" that is to lazy to think more then one thought when faced with a discussion. They only use the pre-set thoughts for a particular argument- Liberal, Anti-American, Evil, Communist, Anti-Christ and Witches. Why do you thi
  11. 4 years since the event. Yet we still live in that time. 3000 people deid, but will not be forgoten. All of us see the event differently from eachother. And the truth is buried inside the politics. Sad 3000 people have to be dead because of governments and religion politicking. Always the same powers bringing evil, creating war and devastation. They repeat history, instead of learning from it. I remember where I was on 9/11. I was about to lay a dry cloth on a car, when my boss came in and told me the news. I immediately put the radio on. I remember every moment while it sunk in. My first t
  12. The Conscience Test by Sean Landau (06 Sept, 2005) Personal morality in a time of change This year is shaping up to be what social theorists call a "vortex year," when unprecedented events jolt people out of their comfort zones and denial systems. http://www.cannabisculture.com/articles/4506.html .
  13. lilchick, Your probably right there, however, being the opposition to what nick is saying. You have to ask yourself if your guilty of this 'closed mind' approach yourself. I'm sure nick believes what he is saying just as much as you. And when your having a debate, the only way a person will open up their mind to another idea. Is if you find common ground. Finding common ground is the key. I think that is why I find myself torn between being a conservative and a Liberal. Because if you actually try to understand the conservative side, beyond your emotions, beyond just what we are told, read
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