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  1. No one did until a day or so ago when they found this article. It's a local Welsh paper so I guess not that many people read about it. Lovely news anyway. Very lovely to have a boy and girl. It's very sweet that they try to stay together as a family as much as possible on tour, which must be hard when you have little kids. They seem like a really close couple :nice: The coldplay boys all seem like great daddies ;)
  2. I read that too. I think - or at least hope - maybe she's doing something earlier in the day rather than 'warming up the crowd' before the Beady Eye gig! :laugh3: I'm not sure a cooking lessons would make such a good warm up act, even if it is Gwyneth, unless she's gonna bust some Glee moves! :P
  3. Funny you ask as Ifdianne and Laga gave links to an article in a Welsh newspaper that interviewed Jonny's parents after Glastonbury and they said he has a 2 month old boy called Jonah! :) His parents seem really proud! Here is the link and article Ifdianne posted in the original Jonny thread: Nobody mentioned this little tidbit. This is the first mention I've seen of Jonny and Chloe's new baby boy! I knew they were expecting, but hadn't heard anything about her having the baby. (From this article: http://www.flintshirechronicle.co.uk...1352-28965312/ Jonny, a former Alun School pupil, is set for a summer of travelling, with performances scheduled in Poland, Belgium, France, Japan and South Africa. But he is juggling his hectic rock star career with life as a family man. John said: “Jonny has a two-month-old baby called Jonah, so he is very tired at the moment. “His three-and-a-half-year-old, Violet, has had chicken pox as well. “But his wife and the baby did manage to make it to Glastonbury to see him perform and they always try to travel as a family.” John said he and wife Joy travel to London to see both sons and their grandchildren as often as they can. And he said Jonny is showing no signs of wanting to retire. He added: “He definitely won’t be stopping anytime soon. “In between all the festivals and performances this summer the band will be getting into the studio to record the final few songs for their fifth album.”
  4. Congratulations to Jonny and his family! How sweet! And I noticed in the article his dad is a JB too (John) and mother Joy, so the baby is the 4th 'JB' - Must be a family tradition! :P I really like the name. His parents sound really proud of him, but I guess you would be if your son was in one of the biggest bands in the planet! Aww daddy-Jonny is so cute!! :D:kiss:
  5. Aww congrats to them both! She looks radiant for it and he looks really great too, very smart! ;) Wonder if it'll be another girl or a mini-Jonny boy :heart: Heels are fine for the odd occasion when pregnant if she feels comfortable enough. She'd have been sitting watching the film anyway so wouldn't be on her feet for long. Wish we could see the bump! I wonder how far gone she is... album or baby, which one first? :thinking:
  6. Gary Barlow does have a great voice - very strong. I'm glad he's getting some recognition this time around as he didn't really when Take That were first around. People sort of mocked him. But he does actually have a great voice and does write catchy tunes... And that coming from someone who wasn't even a take that fan! :shocked2: :-P
  7. I think perhaps you misunderstood what I was saying. Firstly I have nothing against the people who don't agree with this thread. I don't see them as "Haters" - just people with different views! I was simply suggesting that in the future, to avoid repeating the same old arguments about this subject, the people who disagree with the posting of partner pictures or discussing this subject should instead ignore these type of threads rather than keep voicing their disapproval. That way the threads would disappear far quicker and people wouldn't end up endlessly arguing like this, which does nothing to make the board a nice place to be. It was my suggestion for a solution to what seems to be a regularly causing dispute. I think maybe you might benefit from a less aggressive approach to your answers as it really isn't necessary, particularly when I don't think you actually understand the suggestion I was making.
  8. I'm not sure what you mean exactly...? What should I be trying harder at? :confused:
  9. This debate has been going on for ever on the board whenever the wives get mentioned and always leads to mass over-reaction, abuse and a general bad feeling between people on here. I don't think it's disrespectful to know about there wives as even the boys mention them sometimes, so they cant be that freaked out about the public knowing about their partners. The other day in an interview Will mentioned a quote his wife told him from a book and Jonny has definitely talked about touring with his wife and daughter. As long as people aren't disrespectful in what they say about the women or interfere with their private lives e.g. Hanging around their homes, trying to contact their partners or families, then I don't see the harm. The pictures are generally already available on the web and not even taken by fans, so there is no point getting angry at people, especially new fans and members, for being curious to see them. Will and Jonny's wives and kids don't get chased by the paps so I really don't think posting a few old pictures is going to have any impact on them or upset them. Let's just let the interested people make and post in the threads and the not-interested people simply stay out. That way there is no nastiness and bad feeling on the board.
  10. Congratulations on your post 1,000. And i like the contents of that post too.

  11. So young! When I see pictures like that I can't believe how long they have been around for as a band. Makes me feel old! :confused::P
  12. Ha ha Chris looks like he's actually sitting on Jonny's knee :P How perfect for this thread! :laugh3:
  13. There are definitely pictures from ages ago on here in various threads if you want them - do a search and you'll probably find them. I may have some oldish ones somewhere but if so they are all from this board anyway so have been posted before by other people and will already be in threads. For everyone who will come on here to fight over whether to post/discuss families, I think the best policy is if you don't want to see pictures or discuss it, simply don't open these kind of threads. Chloe has a right to create the thread, as it's not actually offensive to anyone, and want to see pictures without being abused by other members. If you don't want to see threads like this, ignore and dont open or reply to them and it will soon disappear to page two. But let's keep it civil on the board!
  14. She sounds like a good mum! Moses & Apple are lucky to have such loving parents. Although I think it should read 'rouse' Moses from his sleep, rather than 'arouse'. That means something very different!!! :laugh3::laugh3:
  15. Well, it just means that they probably won't do anything involving coldplayers directly in the future as I doubt they want to risk high expectations, disappointment and bad feelings again. Having fans in the video isn't something they had to do and, to be honest, after the complaints, if I were them I wouldn't bother again either! I am really sorry that the boys have been informed of all the complaining. They do so much for fans and good causes it's a shame that the feedback they will be told about is people's complaints. I wonder how they feel now meeting and having photos etc with coldplayer fans at the bakery knowing the complaints that they made... I hope they also realize some people had a great time and were happy to be in the video.
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