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  1. Guys it is ok I have scrappy done ! Sending tomorrow :) Love to all and I apologise insanely!
  2. I am going to Europe for Christmas and I was wondering what are my changes meeting one of them probably the 5th of January. I am so so so excited that I am going and I know I won't meet Chris because he will be in LA but ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
  3. Hey guys, once again in my messages I am very sorry for the inconvenience. Life has been extremely crazy with transitioning into my last year of high school and I have been doing parts of scrappy here and there. I am praying I will have scrappy sent by next weekend.
  4. The sexiness is killing me! Why does he have to be so gorgeously perfect :cry:
  5. If they have moved to LA then wtf happens with Coldplay...
  6. I know the Premier for Thanks for Sharing is tonight as P!nk posted a pic looking incredible as always :)
  7. I'm trying to design my Coldplay tattoo, I think I want a butterfly but I'm not sure yet. I am getting a treble clef and bass clef heart for my 18th wooooooo!
  8. Lol I find it kinda funny that Gwyneth and Stella kissed at the end of the Garden Party video, the paps will be loving that!
  9. Gwyneth was so stupid to do that! She didn't even look and she should really take more care especially when she has Apple also
  10. I am in the middle of my exams and I will try to do it next weekend! I was wondering if anyone wants me to do an extra something for the Atlas release?
  11. I am SO sorry I have been so so so busy with study for my exams but I have an idea in my head with what I want to do
  12. brown and blue hair and light brown eyes haha
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