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  1. Hey Coldplay fans, My ebay listing with over 290 items has ended. 😱https://www.ebay.com/itm/124931215356 See hundreds of photos of items in the listing in the flickr album: 😲https://flic.kr/s/aHsmWSgN3F Mince Pies,Flavour of the Label, Virgin Megastore release, Sweet Tracks Trouble (spiderweb version) and hundreds more! All singles from Parachutes, AROBTTH, X&Y. 😇 DVDs - Live 2003 (multiple copies), The Coldplay Phenomenon, Glastonbury Anthems, Live 2012 (CD/DVD), Glastonbury 2005 Books - Look at the Stars by Gary Spivack, Coldplay Lo
  2. I'm posting to see if there would be interest from folks in purchasing what will likely be sold as a "lot" sale on eBay. I have about 300 Coldplay CDs that are generally from the era earlier than Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends. I also have books, a few vinyls and quite a few random collectors items as well. It was a lot of fun at the time to collect and I still love the band but these items have been sitting for over 4 years "in my place". I just need see if there is interest from people so that I would be influenced to itemize everything. I'm not looking to rake in the dough,
  3. Thanks again for the Ode to Deodorant! You are very kind! Hope all is well!

  4. Hi there! Coldplaybootlegs.com is back! Do you know who are the admins? I need the activation...maybe rolando, nite or shaun? Reply me soon please! Pat

  5. I'm going! If you know anyone with extra tickets that are good seats or on the floor please pm me! Thanks!
  6. you can get ode in the multimedia section.
  7. I'm still compiling a list and price points. Sorry I'm taking long. I've got other things I need to do too. Hopefully I'll have some of this done by weeks end. I thinks its ok to have this up for a little bit allowing more people to view. Hope you all don't mind.
  8. Is the linking working fine for some of you but not for others? its in a picasa web album from google.
  9. I'm cataloging my whole collection right now so all the information is not there yet. I would rather sell everything at once or a bulk of it. Here are photos of basically everything (nearly 300 CDs) that I'm selling. pm me if you are interested.
  10. Where would I be able to find just about every U2 single being shared? I've been looking for awhile but to no avail. You know how in the Coldplay Multimedia people share basically every single of Coldplay (includes b-sides and live versions). Is there a forum somewhere that does the same for U2? Please help? I bought the complete U2 from iTunes but it does not have every single and some of the singles it does have don't inlcude every song from the original release.
  11. its only named Amsterdam because Chris wrote it while he was in Amsterdam. Otherwise it has no bearing on the meaning of the lyrics.
  12. Hi Chris, this is Paul in California. I'm a huge fan of Coldplay. Great show in Sacramento last year (2006). I've been reading U2 by U2 (almost finished) and am impressed by their convictions as a band, whether or not I agree with them. What are some of the bands convictions, ideas or things that you collectively agree on and what do you find to be important in your life besides music, what inspires you? Thanks for all of your amazing music. I think Coldplay's three albums are an important addition to music history. Keep up the good work.
  13. So 66 did you get that Flavour of the Label from alio?
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