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  1. happy birthday, have a great day :)

  2. me too. MA is not too far, but it is still a drive considering there are so many venues around me. IZOD in NJ being the perfect example. i did not get to see them when they were out here last time. :(
  3. My wares They are not for sale In shallow waters I stalked this Particular mollusk It’s shell ice white Diamond crusted The demon I plucked from The scarlet flesh, The ash of a Jealous plot, Turned over And over Now a Black Pearl
  4. so... anyone else NOT think Cameron's hair sucks?
  5. actually, Hugh IS a musician. whenever you see him playing piano on House, it is actually him. i have mp3's of all the clips he played on the show. on my birthday, i put the link to him playing 'happy birthday' on my livejournal. and i do think chris is mighty hot. to quote my best friend: pantherinsnow: You need a night with Hugh Laurie and Chris Martin.
  6. The Shins Dave Matthews Band Coldplay REM Painc! At The Disco
  7. 'you want to trust the doctors their procedure is the best'
  8. [inspired by the words of a flower] i turned to him and said 'we should be wolves' he cocked his head and said 'i'm listening' i pelted him with my fists frustrated with the way he feigned ignorance at my most passionate desires not foxes who dart among the forest stealthy as hummingbird wings quiet geminis cute one minute perfectly capable of taking off a limb not coyotes with their feral ways their song privy only to those who worship moonlight and cunning silhouettes i want to be a wolf i tell him narrowing my eyes and stalk the earth create my own landscape pai
  9. i am so unbelivably nervous about talking to him, and it is only a phone call. and i still have until tuesday to wait.
  10. it was my 2nd show, the 1st for my fiancee. i loved it, i thought SBTS amazing.
  11. in the shower. i have those crayons you can use to write on windows and stuff and i keep them in there, so when i get writing ideas i jot them down on the walls before i forget.
  12. 10 because the OC kicked ass when modest mouse was on. (but i don't watch it, please don't hold that against me. ;) )
  13. right leg. first thing that 'goes' when i have a seizure. i wonder what would happen if there was nothing there... *ponders* you know what's NOT cool about wheelchairs? how people forget you are IN them! last year when i was tailgating over the summer at some of my concerts i got the only sunburn because people would just 'park' me somewhere and go get themselves a beer, forgetting about me! At least this year i can walk!
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