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    I'm a big MGMT fan but I'm not feeling it so much this time around. I couldn't wait for "Flash Delirium" but that was a big let down. I usually find info about MGMT and other cool indie bands really early here: http://soundcheckmusic.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=indie It's not majorly busy but it's a fun place to post and learn some stuff... they had the "Congratulations" (song) posted early.
  2. "Stop For a Minute" is awesome! I love this song more than I've loved a Keane song since the Under the Iron Sea days. I was iffy when I read the description about it, but now I'm listening on repeat and it's all good.
  3. I really love their new album. I'm so into them again now... I forgot how much I missed them.
  4. So far I only know "Boston" which I like a lot.
  5. I recently got into some songs by Evermore. Perhaps they are overexposed/overplayed in Oz/NZ, but to my American ears they sound so refreshing. I really hope to discover more songs soon!
  6. Apparently the name of the song is "Beach Chair." (According to the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly due to hit stands on Monday) The album is going to be called "Kingdom Come." (Very Coldplayesque lol)
  7. I prefer "Let It Slide" to "Is It Any Wonder?" I don't get why "Let It Slide" is just a B-side. Not only should it be on the album, but it's good enough to be a single!
  8. By the way, if anyone wants to hear this they have a stream up at nelly-furtado.net
  9. Chris isn't on the song but this is still an awesome song. Is he singing background vocals or did he strictly just co-write this? Anyway, I love how this song is kind of like a rhythmic folk ballad. It mixes folk, rock, hip-hop, and world sounds. One of my favorite songs by her.
  10. "Is It Any Wonder?" was one of my most anticipated songs of the year. Now that I finally heard it, I'm just like WHY?! It's not a good song in my opinion, and by Keane standards it's awful. It remind me of "Vertigo" mixed with like Boyzone. I know they're capable of much better. I'm still really looking forward to their album, but my expections are definitely lowered now. Sorry for the rant lol.
  11. I'm loving this song. It has such a great summer, California vibe to it.
  12. In the US the first single is "Hands Open." Has anyone heard it yet?
  13. I love both "Over My Head" and "How To Save A Life."
  14. I've been listening to "Trouble Sleeping" pretty much non-stop since this time last year. GREAT song. I also like their song "Pills" which is a duet with Sarah McLachlan. Their music is featured on The OC a lot.
  15. Everything In Transit (whole album) by Jack's Mannequin
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