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  1. Happy birthday! Love ya hun, hope this new decade starts as great as possible! :kiss::kiss: :dance:
  2. Aaaah... *looks away in melancholy* BIG HUG TO TEA! :nice: Love you for doing yet one more! :heart:
  3. Whoa Kara both pictures you posted are soooo amazing! It's impressive you took that first one with your mobile phone! It came out GENIUS. And the snow one is great as well, really captured the atmosphere! :nice:
  4. OK, yes, today's a happy day for me. :cheesy: I'm gonna spread the good news: *drum rolling trrrr* MAX IS BACK AAAAAAAADGBDJG#(T$"#MTG")F)EWVBJWOERQEMF I'M SO HYPER RIGHT NOW I CAN'T EVEN TYPE I SWEAR. THIS IS AWESOME NEWS OMG I LOVE THEM NOW MORE THAN EVER AND I HAVE TO SEEM THEM LIVE. NEW PHOTOS OMG Red is going to die. I am going to die.
  5. Aw you didnt know! Well yeah, Dani opened a new one, so reach her for the address or Ill gladly PM it to you so that you can register asap! :D
  6. LOADS OF TIMES! :laugh4: I'm taking serious advantage of the 'all you can vote' policy! :heart:
  7. LMFAOLMFAO! Sorry, but it's just... :laugh4: LMFAO I NEED HELP.
  8. I need a new avi and sig. New forum, new life. Or not. But yeah, I really do need new ones. *panics*
  9. I THINK YOU SHOULD GIVE US THE LINK *has a threatening pair of scissors at reach* :laugh4: It's up to you really, if you rather wait a bit longer to give it the final touchs (wtf?! hah) it's still ok!
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