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  1. I think they're going to announce a main support act for the UK shows. I mean it can't really just be Rita Ora and Robyn for a massive stadium show! I reckon they'll announce Elbow will be joining them on their UK tour. *crosses fingers*
  2. Hi! I'd definitely be interested, I'm in the UK though, is that going to cost a load to send?
  3. I've had no luck yet either, my local record store had loads of the RSD stuff, and I queued up from 7am on the day, but they had no Coldplay there :(
  4. Can I please go onto that list as well, just incase there are enough spares? Thanks! :)
  5. 2 tickets, general admission! I can't believe how painless that o2 Presale was, brilliant! And I too was tempted by the signed programme, and made the investment of an extra £25 for it! :D
  6. Happy Birthday!!

  7. do you have the White Lies fear of flying EP link? the one in the thread is dead! :)

  8. Glass Of Water 9 - 42 10 Clocks 7 Strawberry Swing 10 The Hardest Part/Postcards From Far Away 11 Viva La Vida 11 Death Will Never Conquer 11 Fix You 11 + Death And All Of His Friends 10
  9. Hey Emma, if you could add me to the Can I Haz Spare list that would be brilliant :) I'm in the UK btw, and I don't mind paypal-ing some kind soul the postage costs :)
  10. haha thanks guys! I love the look of that cake indy! :D
  11. happy birthday, have a wonderful day :nice:

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