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  1. You're not the only one, absolutely agree. After a few listens to the song I can't help but not get addicted to it, it's Coldplay after all, but deep down this isn't the kind of stuff I would like them to be producing. I love the rest of Ghost Stories, Oceans especially, and it would be a shame if this song takes all the attention and reinforces people's perception that the band have 'sold out' and become more poppy.
  2. Fantastic night! Charlie Brown was possibly the best live performance I've ever seen. Check out my photo's! :) http://rdgsmith.wordpress.com/2013/12/20/coldplay-and-kids-company-host-under-1-roof-at-hammersmith-apollo-london/
  3. Absolutely stunning! The minute Jonny's ringing guitar comes in, you know it's a classic. Really think it could be among their best yet. Great to hear something more like AROBTTH, but at the same time it's completely different. The soundscapes are beautiful - Sigur Ros standard! Forget Paradise and Princess of China. THIS is why I love Coldplay.
  4. The background music in the trailer sounds a bit b-side Coldplayish, a bit like Pour Me..
  5. I won't care about losing the British Single one, PoC probably doesn't deserve to get it anyway, but I'll be so nervous when they announce British Live Act! Coldplay really deserve to win that. Imagine if Muse or the Rolling Stones win...I'll be so upset!
  6. I saw Garbage this year at Bilbao BBK Live (I was mainly there for Radiohead and The Cure). They were pretty good live!
  7. For anyone who comes across this thread still, the book which mentions Lily a lot is Coldplay: Look at the Stars by Phil O'Brien. It seems like she had a decent relationship with Chris, far more so than I ever realised before reading the book. Apparently the subsequent break-up inspired Warning Sign.
  8. Round 1. Don't Panic vs. Us Against The World Round 2. Shiver vs. Paradise Round 3. Spies vs. Major Minus Round 4. Sparks vs. MMIX/Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall Round 5. Yellow vs. MX/Hurts Like Heaven Round 6. Trouble vs. Charlie Brown Round 7. Paracutes vs. U.F.O. Round 8. High Speed vs. Major Minus Round 9. We Never Change vs. Up In Flames Round 10. Everything's Not Lost vs. A Hopefull Transmission/Don't Let It Break Your Heart Round 11. Life is For Living vs. Up With The Birds Parachutes: 8 MX: 3
  9. Also, anyone in the UK, the Radio Times says that Top of the Tops Christmas Special will feature an exclusive recording of Paradise. Tune in everyone! It starts in 5 minutes.
  10. Merry Christmas Coldplayers! Did anyone get any Coldplay related gifts? I got: 2013 Official Calendar, 2010 Unofficial Calendar as a collectors item, Brothers and Sisters single CD, Clocks single CD, and a Coldplay mug! :)
  11. In front is Jonny Buckman on the 'Princess of China' band Cold Play who are touring New Zealand in support of their latest album 'Xylo Myloto" *facepalm* :embarrassed:
  12. If Chris Evans is wrong what on earth does he think he's doing?! :veryangry2: But if he's right then I'll be delighted!
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