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  1. a bit of a confession that might be best suited here..ever since the release of AHFOD I started to listen to the band less & less till I reached the state where I almost never listen to them at all. Sad! because I still follow their news but I literally watch all the live snippets either on mute or very low sound :shocked: I only listened to AHFOD once & had a following unpleasant experience so I actually do not remember what some songs as Army of One or Fun sound like at all!! Each passing day I feel more detached from them & the whole fandom & I keep asking myself why I can
  2. don't ask me why I am reviving this thread :escaping: [MEDIA=instagram]BSyZIcAD8gL[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BSyZIcAD8gL/ [MEDIA=instagram]BSyfUL-DRyT[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BSyfUL-DRyT/
  3. X what could they be recording? Haven't they recorded the ep already? :thinking: I don't follow much of the news these days but the 1st thing that came into my mind when I heard that there maybe a collaboration on Miracles 2 that it might be with a dead artist (Prince/ George Michael?). I mean by taking a sample of one of their songs & incorporating it in a new song. I think this might be because I really liked the George Michael tribute where Chris & George seemed to be singing together.
  4. [MEDIA=twitter]849999146295709699[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://twitter.com/ColdplayNews_TR/status/849999146295709699
  5. I think these belong here [MEDIA=twitter]841658075232759808[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://twitter.com/fairytale_bliss/status/841658075232759808 [MEDIA=twitter]841809072680759296[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://twitter.com/fairytale_bliss/status/841809072680759296 [MEDIA=twitter]842053176312373248[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://twitter.com/fairytale_bliss/status/842053176312373248
  6. Safy

    Coldplay in Israel

    thanks for the links. I've recently come across a few articles & views about that shared video "Freedom For Palestine" years ago that were so horrific, full of racism & hatred towards the band!! There were things that made me shiver. I wished they had never ever entered this territory! Unfortunately, this was years ago & all the recent evidences show a clear change of views & stances. Why & how? Can't really tell I know dear that it might be tiring for you or anyone else to read on continuing skepticism & fear, but I can assure you that living under occupation
  7. I forgot to mention that not only people care if they are directly affected, but also even if they are the ones affected they won't show the proper reaction; for example, consider the officials want to increase the taxes by 10% but know this will cause uproar, so they firstly announce or leak rumours they are increasing them by 30%. People will make a fuss about it & it will become a hot topic where everyone speaks about its pros & cons. The officials then deny said rumours, which makes the people sigh of relief & get on with their lives. Sometime later the initial planned 10% inc
  8. Safy

    Coldplay in Israel

    every other source than the band have confirmed the concert(s) rumour, but some are still waiting for the band itself to announce it. I expect the announcement to be after the European tour leg. Anyway, since this topic has resurfaced, let me share here an opinion article that I came across while searching (in vain) for photos of the band with any Palestinian in their alleged visit to "Palestine". the article is not actually new, but it demonstrates a few things: - clearly by numerous collaborations & investments, the band is totally against the idea of BDS - posting a link to a song
  9. It is called desensitization, a well known technique originally medical, but used by politicians (& others) all the time: so if something stops being mentioned in the news, it doesn't mean it has actually stopped, it probably means it is not "new", that people got used to or got fed up with. As long they are not the ones directly affected, people will mostly forget about it & become interested in the next hot topic..Such a beautiful world we live in, isn't it?
  10. Safy

    Coldplay in Israel

    I am sorry but this sounds like a job application that one should not apply for unless they fit all the criteria..We all come from different backgrounds & rely on different sources to form an opinion. Here we share our opinions, hopefully in a civil way. Please share your opinion if you want to, but do not expect others to have the same amount of knowledge you seem to have about the matter.. Anyway, there are so many things going in my mind about this whole issue but now I am too exhausted to write them down. Just 2 quick comments: - the link @gai posted is very troubling. One shou
  11. this expression you used is brilliant!:joy: Anyway, so I did not necessarily like or hate the song..perhaps did not give much attention. The lyrics are okay but I did not like the chorus & the dodododdoddooos. I then forgot about it. Yesterday I was riding a train & the girl next to me had her earphones on. As soon as the train started moving, she blasted the song into her ears so loudly that I could clearly hear it..Oh dear!! What a noisy song it is!!! all that EDM noise (BAM BAM BAM BAM) sounded so terrible!!! I almost told her to turn the volume down so as not to ruin her ears
  12. Safy

    Coldplay in Israel

    the same girl who posted the infamous photo with tags peace & love has said she talked to Chris' closest friend in Israel & he has confirmed that a concert is a go. see also her replies here..( representative of apartheid & discrimination).
  13. Safy

    Coldplay in Israel

    ^^ perhaps not posing with anyone who holds weapons aimed at killing people would be more consistent with the band who always advocates peace & love..+ please watch your language..we are trying to have a civil conversation here..
  14. Safy

    Coldplay in Israel

    here is an invitation they obviously did not accept because they were busy visiting military bases, & taking photos with with IDF soldiers. [MEDIA=twitter]835381596429639680[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://twitter.com/BDSmovement/status/835381596429639680 Well, it is one thing thinking of playing a concert for the fans, & a totally different thing to visit soldiers in military bases.. Gai dear, tell me again what you were saying about the band not being morally bankrupt...
  15. Pilar always posts artwork influenced by Ancient Egypt, so I don't think this is related to Coldplay at all. Are we even sure she is the artist doing the ep artwork? I hope the new artwork will be more original & won't undergo plagiarism allegations or cultural appropriation claims this time :uhoh:
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