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  1. Wonderful show. I was super lucky and the uograde roadies found me. We ended up at the railing in front of Guy. We had a blast and it was slightly humiliating to have my enthusiasm shared with the entire arena several times on the big screen. Lol same setlist, same show, but I feel every show I’ve been to has its own vibe. Portland is an awesome city, and that affects my feelings towards the show as well.
  2. Unfortunately, music here pretty much stinks...well, unless you want to see a band/artist who was popular 40 years ago. We've seen Sting, Ringo Starr and his All Star Band, Santana, Journey. I'm dying here. Jack Johnson did a benefit concert a week and a half ago, so that was good. And we did see Kaleo at a super small venue, called The Republic, oh we also saw Third Eye Blind there. But bands that I really like? Mumford and Sons, Imagine Dragons, Ed Sheeran, or anyone who has been making music this century? Sadly lacking... But hey, it's Hawaii...
  3. I moved to Hawaii last year. They have never come here, and most likely never will. So I have to suck it up and travel 2500 miles to see them in Portland, OR and in Los Angeles.
  4. We had an idea where they might be staying, and were booked on a harbor cruise nearby, so we went to the hotel for lunch. We got lucky :) I recently moved from the Los Angeles area to Hawaii, so I've been to many LA shows - they usually do a lot of promotional shows and I've been incredibly lucky/fortunate to have won/been given tickets to them. They have never played in Hawaii, and I have a friend in Australia, so I thought it would be a good time for both - she is a massive fan as well, and we had VIP tickets for one of the Sydney shows and were on the front barrier. As for the next leg
  5. Beginning of Heroes in Sydney, 13 December. [MEDIA=instagram]BN-w1o6AlNo[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BN-w1o6AlNo/?taken-by=lfdianne
  6. I talked to Will the other day. OMG. My friend and I were having lunch at the hotel they were staying at in Sydney, when he came downstairs. We waved to him and he came over to say hi. I died. Why is it when I meet one of my favorite people, I freeze and can't say what I want to say? I didn't get a photo either - it just didn't seem like the right place, but now in hindsight, that was a huge mistake and I should have asked anyway. I will regret that forever, but have the amazing memory of having him standing right in front of me, thanking us for going to the show in Sydney. I'm sure I s
  7. Twisted Logic was the first tour I saw in 2005 and I saw 2 shows. I lived in California, and they were always coming to LA, but I've also seen them in Texas, Florida and New York. I saw them several times for Viva, then a ton of times for MX. For AHFOD, I saw several promo appearances in LA last November, then twice in LA in August 2016, and now twice in AUS. We moved from California to Hawaii this past August, so I decided to visit friends in AUS and went. I'm going to see them again Oct 2017 in Portland, OR. I know I"m super lucky to be able to travel to see them. They have never come
  8. . We were at the barrier in front of Jonny. We had an absolutely amazing time. The crowd was so much louder than Melbourne (where we were 1/2 way down the ramp on 9 Dec). This was my 32 time seeing them and I was not disappointed in the least. They did Christmas lights after Up & Up and the bow - they huddled and went to their places and played. It was awesome - I recorded it but it's a bit shaky. Haha. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  9. Hi friends, I am lucky enough to be seeing Coldplay twice in Australia. It's a long story, but I'm originally from California, have recently moved to Hawaii and have come to Australia to see our boys. I am staying with my friend Lucy in Adelaide and we went to the Melbourne show on Friday and are going to Sydney on Tuesday. It will be my 32 show [emoji7] and Lucy's 12th. Anyway, lucy and I just recorded our request video and posted it on Instagram. We would love it if any of you would view and like it. Search for lucy_btravels. Thanks much! Sent from my iPhone using Tapa
  10. No meet and greet. We did VIP for the Rose Bowl, the second tier. We got a tote bag with a poster, some guitar picks, a Coldplay reusable water bottle, souvenir ticket. I know with the more $ tier, you get food/drinks before the show. The only way I've found to get a M&G is by winning radio station contests.
  11. Since we moved from California to Hawaii in August, any of the west coast shows are an option. I decided for the Portland show, because it's in an arena and not a massive stadium. I bought decent seats and can't wait to head to Portland next year! Maybe it will coincide with my daughter starting at Oregon or Univ of Portland, both are on her shortlist for college applications!
  12. I was at the taping of this show, and it was funny because James laid down across the guys' legs, but his face was in Chris's lap. So he said they better not use that as the promo show, lest people get the wrong idea LOL
  13. Haha. That was probably her, with my son who is 6'5". They were in G, Row 21, Seats 3-6. Their shows just keep getting better. For 2 groups of our friends, it was their first show last weekend, and *now* they get my obsession :)
  14. There are speaker towers on the stage. My view was partially obstructed in Sec 3 at the Rose Bowl last week :(
  15. It's been an emotional week for me. We moved to Hawaii today, from California - we had lived in our house since 1997. I could not have begun to imagine a better send off than from the boys and the shows Saturday and Sunday. We were in the stands Saturday night, near the stage but 15 rows up. After all the shows I've seen from the front row, it was fun to get the full perspective and see it all. When you're so close, your focused on omg, they are right in front of me and miss the production side of it. Sunday night, we splurged and bought VIP tickets , 11th row (which were actually 8th ro
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