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  1. I have been saying since I first saw MOTS and FFTF on EL that this is more then just an album I feel like they are creating something much bigger I have no idea what that is lol but I feel like it’s something to do with uniting ppl I dunno if it’s musical or charitable or what but Chris also said in interview recently that they have a focused plan ahead . Yes we will get a album but I think there is a lot more to it
  2. I also thought about this.. They are taking the focus off of Kaotica , and each planet is a song and different style etc.. Its odd that its so close I dunno its also weird to send it to random ppl I really have no clue LL
  3. I think the scripture above could be really onto something I mean it certainly is believable we know Chris has a strong underlying faith and I feel the last 5 years it’s been brewing stronger outwardly . Not in your face but in a loving way . Interesting find for sure . I’ve also felt in the past we read way more into things then they actually mean lol I have no idea when to except anything anymore lol maybe it’s a two parter they will release something in 2020 , and 2024 there is Definately something different planned he’s also been clear lately that he kinda feels on a mission to do a cert
  4. I also think MOTS has got something to do with taking songs from each “planet” or era as Chris has called each album a planet before . Maybe unreleased redone songs plus new songs from this new era coming upon us .. I am honestly stumped on the 2024 reference , I feel we often over think lol whatever is going to happen I’m sure it will be amazing and special :) they array such a beautiful place in their career of wanting to be “ at service” I’m just truely looking forward to it :)
  5. This is mind boggling .. it’s like I feel like EL is so fantastic but I also feel like it’s swiftly gone by but there’s so much more to come .. I think I’ll have consistent anticipation for a while . Coldplay have something amazing up their sleeves once again I’m sure of it !
  6. I dunno where to post is there not a thread for the palladium shows !? Wondering to get some suggestion on who to follow on Instagram etc from here that are going !! I have jimmy and a few others but o waited for 3 hours last night hoping to see some videos or lives and well “ all IS lost I did see some YouTube’s earlier everything sounded so good!
  7. Well this sounds like it could be a great song !! I hope we do get to hear it
  8. Well after 2 months of wearing out this album . I can officially say church started lower on my list and has risen to the top .. just a simple love song opening the album , when he says “ what can I get through to everyone everywhere “ it’s just setting the intent for the rest !! Love it
  9. Still waiting to read this interview lol
  10. Got so much out of that interview .. I never knew anything in that context about Chris growing up .. you can tell he’s always been a different more in depth thinker .. so proud of the place he got to . Religion and life can be really trying on youth .. now when I think of the message that’s sent through Coldplay there couldn’t be a better more non judgmental message to send .. they have a perfect middle ground . I just genuinely love that I’m in the same time as them ! And they have really come into their own I think perhaps just realizing we only get a short time on this earth so share what y
  11. Just gotta day the part in old friend from the live stream where the two people hug in the background is so perfect ! If that wasnt staged then that was some kinda divine intervention lol
  12. Great interview he did here !! How he talks about the next album too and not trying to just make a commercial success !!im excited ! He sounds really serious about his views ! What a Great time to witness Coldplay !! https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/10414011/chris-martin-coldplay-jordan/amp/
  13. I was waiting all day lol I thought I read somewhere it was supose to drop today I guess I was wrong lol
  14. The video of church on the stream should be a music video cannot get enough .. soooooo beautiful
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