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  1. ohmahgaaahhh...GA is lovely.... :stunned: glowsticks is a DEFINITE MUST!! even those cook sparkly-light-keychain-magnet thingys :D concerts around here have been sorely lacking any cool light effects from the crowd. as for the yellow balls (lol), is it okay to sneak 'em in? some of my friends almost got kicked out for inflating beach balls at Dodger Stadium (then again it was at a baseball game...:laugh3:)
  2. That was a very nice surprise from Bono there, to say that about Chris as a songwriter and Coldplay as a band. Could this perhaps change a few other critics' minds? :inquisitive: Guess we'll wait and see... +1 Thom still has game. He's not going to say it anytime soon, imo, but if/when he does...:shocked2:
  3. Are they made from shrimp paste or the whole shrimp? Well whatever, they do sound good. :P
  4. Yep! Besides, it was easy to get by unnoticed when wearing a floor-length dress. :D Didn't Vivienne Westwood once or twice moon-ed the Royal family? The woman herself is an interesting work of art. Fun to watch nonetheless. :P
  5. oh no! :( those high school years are horrible...i hope she's okay (or will be okay...whichever of those applies mostly). those guys, friends or not, will get their share of bad karma eventually! something like that happened to me back in high school, only i tripped in the parking lot in front of the many teachers, seniors in their graduation attire, and others in their cars to see. (then again i deserved it cause i was in a hurry for music rehearsals and rational thinking alluded me, so i tried to run down this little concrete slope). :embarassed: oh well. the following year after that it
  6. last.fm is the way to go! they've got the full tracks ;)
  7. he probably had to be involved with composing that song quite a bit....most of it does seem to reflect Matt's general music style. the intro kind of resembles like the intros to TAB and B&H
  8. oh! pardon that....i did post a comment after that post, but i guess it didn't go through :confused: i've bought tickets right at a venue once for another concert. unfortunately, there were a lot of people behind me and the guy at the booth wouldn't take his time to help me (or anyone else) get better seats. he kept acting like "this is what's coming up on the computer, buy it now or leave!" to every customer. that's just my experience though...but i do think buying tickets at home is just easier cause you can throw back the bad seats they give you and search for better ones with a clic
  9. sounds like a good idea, zeior! but first i got to find my camera (it should be somewhere in my room...:thinking:)
  10. intro to VLV was just heard in the beginning of that Jerry Lewis segment! too bad they didn't play the rest of the song though :(
  11. That "epic FAIL" on the poster was clever :P
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