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    Yupp, sure does.
  2. Coldplay770

    True Love

    TL is probably my favorite track on the album so far. I agree with the other poster who mentioned the X&Y vibes. Up In Flames was one of my least favorite tracks on the last album, and there is no comparison between this and that track IMO. First listen, I also thought Johnny's solo sounded kinda weird. Those initial impressions have changed, and I think it sounds awesome now, no problem at all.
  3. I loved Perfect Symmetry as well, although it's a bit different than the first two albums.
  4. I should also add, that I heard the song "Strangeland" (bonus song on the deluxe edition) weeks ago via the free download they gave as a prize for winning the maze game. After hearing the album, I couldn't believe Watch How You Go made the album, and Strangeland did not. Although I've heard the song, Watch How You Go has special meaning to Tim & Tom, being that's it's the first breakup song written that has shown a positive side. I've also heard the other 3 bonus tracks, and the only one besides Strangeland that I've really found any enjoyment in, is The Boys. The other 2 were just ok. I c
  5. I'm pretty impressed with the album overall at this point, although at the moment I'm not really sure where it ranks among the other albums. I like pretty much every song, with the least favorite being Watch How You Go, although it's still a good song. My favorites include You Are Young, , Disconnected, Sovereign Light Cafe, Neon River, In Your Own Time, Black Rain, and Silenced By The Night. While the studio versions of Black Rain and Sea Fog are still great, I'm slightly disappointed, and feel the live versions sound a bit better. I liked the way Black Rain ended when they played it live, bu
  6. 4 of the new 10 songs are on the previous page (258), including Black Rain.
  7. You should see the previous pages then, with the video posts of the live performances of the other 9 songs they've played from the new album. 'Black rain' is a beauty. It was featured in the album trailer video that they released some weeks ago which also featured 'Sovereign Light Cafe', and 'Silenced By The Night' at the end.
  8. For me it's been pretty hard not to like everything they've done since UTIS. I'm enjoying this latest single, although after hearing 10 songs from the album I'd say they could have chosen a better song for the first single. Black Rain is just ridiculously beautiful. The Starting Line, and Sea Fog are really good as well. I also enjoyed hearing On The Road, it is pretty catchy and upbeat, and makes you wanna dance.
  9. For those sayin I'm deaf, and there is no similarity, I think you are the ones who are deaf. The notes are pretty much identical. If you don't know what part of the song I'm talkin about, you really should re-read the first post. I'm not talking about the main guitar riff btw. The thing is, these notes are not common notes, in fact I'd never heard any song use them b4 "Beautiful", neither did I hear any other song feature these same notes, or similar ones after "beautiful" did, up untill Major Minus, where I knew right off I'd heard them b4.
  10. I'm tired of them playing Up In Flames. But Chris goes "WTF was that!" LMAO. I don't hate the song or anything, I'd just rather them play another new track such as DLIBYH.
  11. Watching from the U.S.!! Just followed the google translate link, then changed the language to french. Also changed the video to SD at dailymotion, then it worked!!
  12. The notes from Princess of China are a bit different, as there are additional notes in Princess of China that are not heard in this "Life Is A Temple" song you've brought forward. POC bares a closer resemblance to the Vietnamese song. Not the Nelly song, not the chant of some pro sports team.
  13. The correct lyrics are "Light a fire, a fire, a spark."
  14. I've been listening to the whole thing non stop. However, I'll list my favorites, even though I love, and appreciate every song on the album. Paradise Hurts Like Heaven Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall Charlie Brown Major Minus Princess of China Don't Let It Break Your Heart
  15. Could be. Because I noticed it right off when I heard Major Minus. I was a big fan of the song when it was released. So I remembered that melody quite well.
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