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  1. Hi everyone, I'm coming across from Australia and would LOVE to have 2 standing tickets to any of the Wembley shows.
  2. Wow, great to hear such a story on getting a ticket! Well done! :)
  3. Hi everyone, I'm still really down about missing out on tickets - I tried presale, normal sale...and three competitions. No luck. Misery. But all that aside, with the streaming tonight, does anyone know if it is a visual streaming, or just audio?
  4. I was waiting for 45mins prior to the presale time, refreshing and all that. Still had no luck...misery. Sigh.
  5. Please don't go again, it was horrible when this place shut down. I haven't posted much here for a long time, but I still always check it out and see what's going on. If anything, the hiatus was a good reminder of what an amazing forum this is! Glad it's back :)
  6. I'm coming across from Adelaide. It's gonna go off! Does anyone know the itinerary for the show? ie. When does Coldplay come on/when does it finish?
  7. This is worth posting about! What a great story! Good ol' Chris, not checking his mirrors!! You are so lucky!
  8. Oh phew, it's all good. For a minute there I thought I screwed up! Yay, this will be my 3rd time to see them! It's gonna be soo good!!! Asheerenee7, I am also from Adelaide! I think quite a few Adelaide coldplayers will be coming across.
  9. Where does it say 'oval a'? I bought the $150 tickets, but all I got was general admission - that's the same thing right?
  10. I actually remember an interview with Chris who mentions he has had a problem with his left ear for a long time. I'm racking my brains to remember where I heard it. It may have been an Australian interview and I think he was talking about surfing.
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