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  1. Falmouth, Cornwall, UK Cemeteries of London Great idea :)
  2. Thanks for your help but in the end, this afternoon, I at last got a reply to my 3 messages and they have confirmed I can pick it up from the box office, a bit of a pain but much safer and a less stressful week for me next week. :)
  3. I managed to get a ticket for the 2nd show after trying without success in the morning for the one on the 1st. I think I must have got the last ticket or last but one available It's as high as you can go in the RAH, nose bleed indeed, "restricted view" but at least I got one. I'll have to go alone though as every time I tried to buy 2 it kept saying 2 not available so I just went for one with my boss at work shouting over my shoulder to egg me on, then they were gone! I'm panicking though. I live in Cornwall and was planning to come up the weekend before the show to stay with my parent
  4. No luck here, was just kept in the holding queue for half an hour and then they were gone. I'll try again later. :(
  5. Good luck everyone, off for a sleepless night now...I'm getting too old for this haha :)
  6. I'm so nervous I feel sick already about friday. I'll be at work but my boss is very understanding and will let me go online for the 30 seconds it takes for all the seats to go :(
  7. Happy Birthday Chris and welcome back Coldplaying :)
  8. Yes he mentioned it years ago and he even got a ride on the fire engine!
  9. I´m okay, thanks!:) I´m also very busy every day, with my kids and all the other things to do every day. Maybe next year I have the time for a little trip to London. And you?? Everything okay??:kiss:

  10. Hi Katja, lovely to hear form you, I'm fine thanks, just really busy with work, family etc etc. How's you?? :) xxx

  11. Hi Carol, how are you?? Didn´t heard anything from you for so long time!:kiss:

  12. It was great, can't wait to download it :) Thanks everyone for a great listening party :dance: Off to watch Mrs Biggs now xx
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