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  1. Too many instrumentals? There are only two! Lol.
  2. Yes it did! And it sounded a lot more emotional than sunset as well.
  3. Is that a physical CD? It could just be a download. There’s a clean version on Spotify and on iTunes.
  4. Thank you so much! I love interviews like this.
  5. Orphans Champions of the World (possible closer or encore) Everyday Life On the b/c stage: Daddy Guns WOTW Eko/Old Friend What I hope to see: Trouble in Town Church Arabesque
  6. It’s starting to pop on YouTube now. I found quite a few have uploaded it.
  7. Oh hell no! Not the best song at all. I would have gone for Birds. Heh.
  8. Exactly! Replace that AOAL with Politik! Politik and Arabesque in the same concert? My head would have exploded.
  9. Oh of course. But with this darker era and an era that closely resembles their earlier stuff, I would have thought they’ll drop some songs like SJLT and AOAL to include some of the older songs.
  10. I don’t think they are gonna stream all concerts on YouTube for this era. The Jordan thing was just a one off for the album release. So don’t expect much. Haha. Also. This is for iheart radio?
  11. Wow. That’s a pretty solid setlist though nothing more from AROBTTH? Shame. And they really need to drop SJLT. Lol.
  12. Great track! Reminds me a lot of Miracles 2. Should this have been on EL? I don’t think so. Might be suited for another album as the tone/sound of the song doesn’t really fit with this album - much like Orphans.
  13. From fans? Huh. I haven’t seen anything from fans. Just idiots who dislike the band so much they still find the trouble of commenting. :expressionless: I respect their decision for not touring. They just came off a huge tour and they deserve a break. They are getting older and I’ve accepted the fact that they might tour as extensively as they would do. And good on them for looking into environmentally touring. All bands should follow suit. I’m just happy I’m still getting new music from them.
  14. Now that the album is out and people have (most likely) listened to it multiple times, which ‘side’ do you prefer over the other? :sunrise: or:moon:
  15. I definitely prefer the live version with the choir coming in towards the end. Not a fan of the choir drowning out Chris throughout in the studio version.
  16. So there wasn’t any bonus content for premium users was there? : unamused:
  17. Check out the download section. A kind soul has done it for us. :)
  18. I’m a bit slow with these things but on first listening I don’t see how the live version is considered finished as it sounds so much like the studio/demo version. Anyone can point out the difference to me? :D
  19. Yes! Would love the mp4 version of the live stream. :D
  20. Scroll through to the 10:15 mark (or somewhere abouts). The sunset portion starts from there.
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