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  1. After having the album on repeat for awhile now, I’m really excited to hear these songs live!
  2. I never saw the comics but I could tell that MX was a concept album because there was a cohesive flow to it. That’s what made it better than EL.
  3. Because they are never ever good? I just don’t like dance music. The only remixes I actually like are remixes of The xx songs, especially from their first album. Those are something special.
  4. Not a fan of remixes in general so it really has to be epic to win me over. And this was not.
  5. That’s a shame. Get dressed up and you only see their silhouettes. Lol.
  6. Ooo! Thanks for that bts video. It’s been awhile since I watch the music video but the part where the boys are in their photo shoot costumes and singing are not in the final video?
  7. The Pedestrian Verse! One of their favorites of mine. :D
  8. Yup they did. It was pointed out by someone a few pages back. :)
  9. You’re probably the first person who have ranked EL on top! Lol.
  10. I always saw it as lazy writing. But that’s just me. Heh.
  11. Oh the ballads on this album (including this one) is far superior than the ones on AHFOD and MX (except UATW).
  12. I honestly can’t rank albums now. I need a wait a few weeks for the hype to die down. Also WOTW/POTP (or whatever the short form is) is starting to be such a nice interlude. Broken should have been in the same vein really.
  13. I noticed they posted a few posts on FB directly addressing some Asian countries (telling about the new album). I wonder why. Just found it strange as it wasn’t done before for previous albums I don’t think.
  14. Oh for sure. I don’t expect masterful lyrics all the time and I get it’s from the perspective of a child so the lyrics reflect that. But I HATE songs where you use the same words to rhyme with each other - day, say, play, away, birthday, ok. Omg. Haha.
  15. I was gonna do a full review of the album but I’ve decided to wait it out till the release. But I just wanna say that this is NOT a double album - why it’s market as such I have no idea. The whole sunrise/sunrise thing don’t mean shit. Haha. The two “sides” are so generic (no clear theme) that u can swap the songs around and you won’t know the difference. Also. Trouble in Town and Arabesque is masterful. I’m in awe.
  16. Hmm if that’s the case then it bodes well for this song. Heh.
  17. Damn your memory is good! I thought for sure it was leftover from Postcards From Faraway!
  18. Gotta say after multiple listens, I’m bored with this track. The cheesy lyrics gets really evident after awhile. Sorry but Chris really slacked on this one with the words. Lol.
  19. Jose Gonzalez, Ben Howard, Damien Rice. Mumford and Sons first album.
  20. Something tells me that Flags is a random song they tagged onto the album i.e completely different from all the stuff we’ve heard on the album - maybe something along the lines of Orphans. I would love it if it was a Ghost Story type of indie rock.
  21. I'm disappointed! I mean, I loved this song for the guitar and to find out they didn't even come up with it? Man, that's...yeah. Disappointing. Lol. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of FR and Scott's death was hard to take and when I heard he was on this song, I thought that the boys had did something with him before he passed or he had something unreleased and the band used it in his remembrance.
  22. I did wonder about that because of the (heartbeat) at the end of TiT and Daddy.
  23. I actually think it better than most of the songs on AHFOD. The last pat in particular pulls the song away from AHFOD-like production.
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