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  1. Not really a big fan of that type of sound. And worst is such a strong word. Lol. I would say weakest.
  2. Welllll the whole submit your request segment for the AHFOD was ‘rigged’ so I wouldn’t be surprise if this was as well. Just don’t understand why they would even ask the fans these sort of things when they don’t listen to us anyways.: unamused:
  3. I don’t know. There are many things on EL that pulls itself away from VLV - one of it is cohesiveness. Heh.
  4. Oh they aren’t crap songs, not by a long shot. They are definitely miles better than some of the songs on AHFOD. But because you have two masterpiece of a song in TIT and Arabesque and other gems like Daddy, Cry Cry Cry and Church and COTW etc, these two songs are pretty weak by comparison. So I guess I should say the weakest songs are those two but they are definitely not the worst on the album. I can honestly say there isn’t a worst song on EL (which I can’t say the same for AHFOD. Heh). My revised list would be: Best: Trouble in Town, Arabesque. Weakest: Eko, Old Friends. Good: Everything else. Worst: X Marks the Spot
  5. Best: Trouble in Town, Arabesque. Can’t pick between the two really. Worst: Eko, Old Friends. Good: Everything else.
  6. If it’s nominated tomorrow, it’ll be for the 2020 Grammys - which is impossible as they missed the deadline. But it’s eligible for nomination for the 2021 Grammys.
  7. I find it really odd that they are announcing so many last minute shows and so close together. First the museum one in London and now this. They seem really anxious to go back to hibernation. :expressionless:
  8. My wish for LP9 is a VLV 2.0 (I swear them dedicating a track to Brian Eno meant they went groveling back to him. Ha!) or an indie rock album - cause they do it so well (see Major Minus/Charlie Brown/Ghost Story/Birds/COTW as reference). I thought Orphans is miles better than most of the songs in AHFOD and if Orphans was suppose to be on LP9 and is any indication of the direction of the album, I think be happy.
  9. Not possible for EL to be eligible for the next Grammys. They are pretty strict on that. Best chance is 2021 which doesn’t bode well for the album cause Adele will ruin everything.
  10. Actually they kind do repeat albums. MX and AHFOD are pretty similar is style/template (though MX is far more superior). They’ll have a pop song (ETIAW/AOAL), duet with female mega star, an indie rock song (Charlier Brown/Birds), deary ballad (Up in Flames/Everglow), musical interludes, an uplifting don’t-let-life-get-you-down number. Lol.
  11. My thoughts exactly. It’s why I’m not keen on a LP9 so quick. Cause it just means EL doesn’t mean it’s as ‘important’. It feels like them saying to people “oh EL is nothing. Don’t worry about it, you’ll get your SJLT.”
  12. I think they’ll only do one show in Asia (Japan). Really hope they change their mind on Aus. Since they won’t come to NZ, it’s the closest I can get to. Heh.
  13. Oh yes we all knew that. It was kinda obvious when the rumors first came out that they were gonna do another GS/AHFOD type of thing. They should at least give EL a year to be out in the world before releasing another one. The other reason why I don’t want LP9 so soon is that I want this era to be remembered by casual Coldplay fans and critics. Once LP9 comes around, EL will just be a faded memory. Lol. Personally, I don’t think Coldplay does pop well. However, MX was miles better than AHFOD so if they do something similar to that I’ll be quite happy. I would however like them to go into indie rock. Songs like Birds, Ghost Story, Charlie Brown and even Champion of the World shows that the boys can do indie rock quite well. Just no more AOAL. Haha.
  14. Haha. I just saw that on IG. But I’m in Christchurch damn it!
  15. Guys. Which paper did it come out in? I need to hunt it down. :D
  16. It’s not about me listening to the album so quickly. It’s about this era being so short and the fans not being able to enjoy it for awhile before the next era comes rushing in and burying it. I’m pretty sure we’ll get whiplash. Lol.
  17. Wow. I really don’t want this. Haha. I mean new Coldplay music is always awesome but I really want to enjoy EL as long as I can before AHFOD 2.0 comes swooping in and pushes it into the background. Plus I was really really hoping EL would be the turning point in their career (like MX was). But guess this is just another GS. *sigh*
  18. Do we know if they are going to play the whole album? Or it’s just a normal concert? I hope they do something similar around the world (like they did with GS).
  19. I know right?! First of all, I didn’t know he was good enough to play a guitar on a album and second of all, he has connections with Coldplay? But how??? lol.
  20. I don’t know why but something tells me this album will have a lot of critics scratching their heads. Lol.
  21. Sorry but what’s with you and your obsession with songs being released as a single? It doesn’t make a difference to anything. It’s not like before where we get a b-side to single. Now, having a single released doesn’t mean a thing. Lol.
  22. Loved the voice sample in it and unlike the other songs, it actually fits in really well. But it could do without the children singing at the end. Didn’t think it was necessary.
  23. Interesting. Cause for me that part took the song to another level. It gave me goosebumps. It my favorite part of the song.
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